Operational Marketing Index Reveals Marketers Are Not Focused on Company Goals

Operational Marketing Index Reveals Marketers Are Not Focused on Company Goals-01

Marketers continue to struggle to align goals with company objectives, according to new data released from Plannuh, a software-as-a-service company transforming the way marketers plan and budget.

The company today released the results of its latest Operational Marketing Index (OMI) survey, with a sample size of 544, that assesses the operational management practices of marketing teams. The Operational Marketing Index also produces a set of tailored recommendations to help marketers improve their operational efficiency.

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“We continue to be alarmed that so few marketing teams focus on strategic alignment of their plans,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh. “The latest results from the Operational Marketing Index survey revealed that less than one in five marketers report that their companies excel at connecting their plans to corporate objectives, which explains why so many marketing teams struggle to show the value of their marketing investments.”

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