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OpenBots Launches Zero Bot Licensing Automation Process Assessment, Analysis, and Management RPA Tool

By ET Bureau - March 18, 2021 3 Mins Read

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OpenBots Inc., the zero bot licensing and open source RPA software company, has announced the launch of a new RPA tool, OpenBots Discovery. OpenBots has been making waves in the automation industry with their zero bot license fee and open source end-to-end RPA tools such as OpenBots Studio, for development, and OpenBots Server and Agent, for process scheduling, orchestration, and deployment. The company’s newest tool, OpenBots Discovery, is an all-inclusive RPA Automation Assessment and Analysis product that also acts as a Robotic Portfolio Management (RPM) software.

OpenBots Discovery is designed to allow automation developers, business analysts, and business users alike to benefit from its functionalities. The management feature allows for a clear view of the entire automation program for an organization. It does so by allowing departments to log and track their running, in development, and proposed automations across various groups and departments. The assessment feature of Discovery plays the role of the automation business analyst.

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This function takes the user through an in-depth questionnaire to help determine the ease of implementation, feasibility, complexity, and calculated ROI metrics to help rank and determine which proposed processes are a best fit for automation. The questionnaire also creates a PDD, or Process Design Document, for developers to use as a blueprint for the desired automation. With storage capabilities as well, Discovery allows users to store important process documents within the tool, acting as a centralized location for all users to access.

“One of the biggest challenges in scaling RPA programs is the lack of a process pipeline.” said Chief Strategy Officer, Ali Chaudhry. “OpenBots Discovery helps companies assess the viability of potential automations and priority rank processes based on their potential productivity gains. By considering factors such as time spent, number of keystrokes, cost of employees, etc., Discovery can make it easy to build a robust pipeline of ROI positive automations to make the most of your RPA program.”

The pricing model for OpenBots discovery is broken down into 3 packages: free, basic, and enterprise. Although intended to be a SAAS tool for major enterprises, the free and basic versions of the tool were created for use by smaller companies, individual RPA teams, and single users.

These versions offer all of the functionality of the Enterprise package version with slight variations in the number of processes a user can have stored in the tool, the number of users on each company account, amount of storage space, OpenBots support team coverage, and security and compliance measures that are only available in the enterprise version.

With the launch of OpenBots Discovery, OpenBots is the first company in the RPA market to create a completely zero bot license cost and open core RPA tool suite that offers full end-to-end automation journey solutions from discovery and assessment all the way through deployment and scheduling.

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