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Open Visibility Network Adds Resilinc Solution

By ET Bureau - October 12, 2022 3 Mins Read

Open Visibility Network Adds Resilinc Solution

Open Visibility Network (OVN) has announced that Resilinc, the leading supply chain mapping, monitoring, and resiliency solution, has joined this rapidly-growing international network. Launched in collaboration between Tive, Project44, and FourKites in 2021, the OVN is a consortium of supply chain, transportation, and logistics technology providers on a mission to optimize global supply chain efficiency via open visibility and collaboration. To date, several industry leaders have joined the network, including Everstream Analytics, TransVoyant, MarineTraffic, ParkourSC, WeatherOptics, FarEye, BlueBox Systems, TextLocate, and Trucker Cloud.

Launched in 2010, Resilinc was founded to strengthen global supply chains—making them resilient, ethical, transparent, and secure. Since then, Resilinc has defined the supply chain mapping, monitoring, and resiliency space worldwide. The company’s technology-driven solutions create an ecosystem in which organizations have unmatched visibility into their supply networks—and can easily collaborate with suppliers via a transparent environment.

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With over 1 million supplier sites mapped down to the part level and 24/7 monitoring of risk events across millions of news and social feeds, Resilinc’s early-warning system alerts customers of potential disruptions across suppliers, sites, and materials in real time. Its platform enables customers to collaborate closely with suppliers, and provides data-backed insights regarding appropriate actions to take. Resilinc also offers AI-powered predictive solutions to predict delivery delays, price movements, and supply constraints for raw materials and commodities—before they happen.

OVN is excited to announce the joining of its newest member—Resilinc—adding another critical visibility technology to its collective.

The Open Visibility Network aspires to create an environment that opens the world’s visibility data and makes it accessible to everyone in the supply chain industry. By working in collaboration, OVN members can integrate their technologies and provide their customers with true end-to-end visibility.

“Supply chain visibility is the key to mitigating risk and protecting continuity of supply. We are excited to join the Open Visibility Network and partner with like-minded companies that prioritize transparency and resilience,” said Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc. “Resilinc is happy to bring to the table real-time event monitoring, supply chain mapping, supply risk data and analytics, and scenario planning capabilities to enable companies to have unmatched visibility and be more proactive about managing supply chain disruptions.”

With its advanced risk management and early warning capabilities, Resilinc adds a unique value to the Open Visibility Network. Collaborating with Resilinc, current members can integrate Resilinc’s technology into their solutions—and provide their customers with critical insights into supply chains disruptions. Via Resilinc’s early-warning system, customers will get alerts on potential disruptions across suppliers, sites, and materials; communicate and collaborate with suppliers to manage disruption; and based on historical data-backed insights, determine the most appropriate course of actions to take.

“As everyone in supply chain and logistics management knows, you can’t fix what you can’t see. We are excited that Resilinc has joined the Open Visibility Network because by being open to sharing their APIs, all OVN members can now provide even more contextualized visibility to their end customers,” says Krenar Komoni, founding member of OVN and CEO and founder of Tive, the global leader in supply chain and logistics visibility technology. “OVN memberships have started to accelerate and every new member is starting to see benefits immediately after joining.”

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