Onyx CenterSource Announces Global Partnership With WEX To Expand Digital Payment Options

Onyx CenterSource

Today, Onyx CenterSource , a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence for the hotel industry, announced a new partnership with WEX Inc. , a leading service provider financial technologies, aimed at simplifying payments to partner travel agencies.

This partnership will focus on virtual payment methods for different types of transactions for the entire hotel industry. As businesses continue to work on digital payments, virtual methods will become an integral part of industry partners and will allow for a more secure payment process, benefiting both hotels and travel companies, says Mark Dubrow , CEO of Onyx CenterSource.

“WEX’s broad product portfolio and global reach, combined with its experience in the travel and hospitality market as well as other verticals, has made it an attractive partner,” says Dubrow. “We are certain that this partnership will strengthen our capacities to better serve our customers. ”

For Heather Andrews , Vice President of Corporate Payments at WEX: “WEX is pleased to partner with Onyx CenterSource in order to promote automation in the travel sector by eliminating the frictions generated by B2B payments while allowing flexibility in payments. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of payments, at a time when companies are looking for efficiency gains to resume growth, and Onyx is leading the charge in the hotel space. Together, we will seek to continue to simplify payments for customers who use a secure and proven supplier payment solution. ”

WEX uses virtual payments to simplify and automate payments to international and domestic suppliers for a range of businesses, including some of the largest online travel agencies. The company was the first to offer virtual payments in 2000, and has a solid international footprint with a large customer base in North America, Europe , Asia, Australia and South America.

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