OneSource Advisors has launched it’s all digital investment advice and savings platform, SmartVest Plan-Invest-Achieve with Ease

OneSource Advisors, digital investment advice and savings platform, SmartVest
OneSource Advisors has launched it's all digital investment advice and savings platform_ SmartVest Plan-Invest-Achieve with Ease

After 5 years of planning and several years of development, the Officers, Board Members and Founders of OneSource Advisors, LLC in conjunction with TradingFront are extremely excited to announce the roll-out of their all-digital custom capable investment portfolio and investment advisory services account platform, “OS SmartVest”.

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SmartVest utilizes today’s best financial services online account, investment creation, and savings technology. SmartVest’s digital Robo advisory portal is a simple to use, completely mobile account platform that can be accessed anywhere anytime over the internet or on your mobile device with their SmartVest Apple and Google apps. OS SmartVest has hired Interactive Brokers, one of the nation’s largest online brokerage companies for their award-winning custody and clearing services.

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On top of it all, customers can access expert financial advice from some of the industry’s top experts with unparalleled 24-hour toll-free service center support all for a ridiculously low annual investment management feel of 0.50% or $50 per year per $10,000 or $500 per year per $100,000 account with no minimum or maximum account size to get started or maintain.

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