oneM2M joins forces with the ICA to accelerate global IoT standards

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oneM2M joins forces with the ICA to accelerate global IoT standards

oneM2M, the global standards body for the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced it is working with the IoT Connectivity Alliance (ICA), an open STD alliance initialized by Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, and IoT partners, to widen industry collaboration and speed up the development of universal IoT standards.

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Under the agreement, the two organizations will work closely together and provide access to each other’s specifications, both in draft and final form. Invitations to each of the forum’s member meetings will also be extended, allowing increased collaboration between oneM2M member companies and ICA members to further advance the development of new industry standards.

“The ICA is currently seeing significant momentum as its market becomes more relevant and is working with a large number of companies,” said Josef Blanz, Senior Director, Technical Standards, at Qualcomm and Vice-Chair Technical Plenary and Industry Liaison Committee Chair at oneM2M. “The ICA’s use and evolution of the Alibaba Cloud and standards and technologies presents a really interesting opportunity to expand oneM2M’s specifications to support interworking with technologies across the ICA’s ecosystem. We look forward to working alongside ICA as we continue to develop a universal standard for the IoT.”

Within ICA’s large ecosystem there is a growing interest to investigate deployments of standards-compliant technologies and improvements regarding interoperability. As part of the collaboration, oneM2M’s goal is to harmonize information models used to interact with connected devices and applications in the IoT.

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“oneM2M and the ICA share the same commitment in building a more interoperable and healthy IoT ecosystem by developing universal IoT standards,” said Dapeng Liu, Senior Standardisation Expert at Alibaba Group and General Secretary of ICA. “As an alliance working closely with the China IoT industry, ICA is pushing for data model standardization for the interoperability of IoT devices. We believe the collaboration with oneM2M is able to bring fruitful results of building universal IoT standards.”

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