Omnisend Joins SaaS Giants Mixpanel and BigCommerce in Migrating Their Platform to Google Cloud

Ecommerce omnichannel marketing platform, Omnisend, has announced the completed migration of their SaaS platform and infrastructure to Google Cloud. With this major platform update, Omnisend joins BigCommerce, Mixpanel, and more than 500,000 global brands on the largest cloud network in the world.

Showing dedication to security and compliance, migration to Google Cloud ensures that Omnisend merchant data and the data of their customers will be even more secure. This migration, diversifying Omnisend app data in secure, SOC1 certified Google servers, provides even more reliable services and speed when accessing Omnisend features.

Omnisend merchants will also benefit from this migration with faster feature release, as Google Cloud provides the platform with quicker access to resources. The migration timing, just a few short weeks before the holiday season officially begins, is no accident. Omnisend Co-Founder and CEO Rytis Lauris, states:

“Omnisend serves over 50,000 ecommerce merchants from around the globe, and we know how critical our marketers’ campaigns are during the holiday season. Our migration to Google Cloud serves to ensure an even more reliable service to our customers, data protection, and faster deployment of new features and updates to our platform. These priorities, including providing a better customer experience for Omnisend merchants, is why we chose to migrate before this busy holiday shopping season.

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