OmniSci and Intel Collaborate to Bring Accelerated Analytics at Scale to CPUs

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OmniSci, the pioneer in accelerated analytics, at Converge 2019 announced a collaboration with Intel to further improve the already impressive performance of the OmniSci platform running on Intel architecture. The announcement coincides with the launch of a CPU version of OmniSci Enterprise Edition, allowing OmniSci’s proven innovations in interactive analytics, data science, and location intelligence at scale, to reach a bigger audience of data scientists and analysts than ever before.

“From our beginning, OmniSci has been focused on providing our users the fastest and most frictionless path to insight on the largest datasets. To do so, we architected our platform to take advantage of all the performance and parallelism of modern hardware, whether GPU or CPU,” said Todd Mostak, OmniSci CEO and co-founder. “Today’s announcement of our collaboration with Intel, and the launch of a CPU version of our enterprise platform is a natural next step towards our mission, and provides an even larger set of users access to the speed and capabilities of the OmniSci platform, regardless of the hardware they use.”

OmniSci recently benchmarked the OmniSci platform running on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory. The results show orders-of-magnitude better performance for certain workloads compared to open-source analytics technologies. Co-engineering has enabled large-scale data analytics at interactive speeds on billions of rows by fully utilizing Intel Xeon parallelism and large memory capacities, effectively putting the power of a cluster into a single workstation.  Going forward, Intel and OmniSci will continue co-engineering work to advance the OmniSci platform using the latest innovations in Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory as well as Intel Xeon and its future processor families.

“Intel is pleased with the launch of a CPU-optimized version of OmniSci Enterprise Edition, allowing OmniSci innovations to reach our customers around the world due to the wide availability of CPUs. Through our work together, we demonstrated that analyzing a terabyte of data using Intel Xeon processors and OmniSci’s platform is easily handled and compares favorably to competing alternatives,” stated Wei Li, Intel vice president of Machine Learning. “We are confident that OmniSci’s offering will provide significant value to our customers who seek to significantly accelerate their advanced analytics and data science workflows.”

OmniSci CPU Enterprise Edition
OmniSci’s debut of the OmniSci CPU Enterprise Edition, inspired by community interest in a CPU-accelerated version of the OmniSciDB open source edition, will complement the company’s existing GPU-accelerated offerings. The new CPU Enterprise Edition will be available with the release of OmniSci 5.0 both on-premise and via major cloud service providers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP.

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