Olympus and Amplifire Jointly Develop Digital Learning Platform Aimed at Improving Patient Safety

Olympus, Amplifire, Digital Learning Platform, Patient Safety
Olympus and Amplifire Jointly Develop Digital Learning Platform Aimed at Improving Patient Safety

Olympus Corporation of the Americas and Amplifire announced a partnership to improve patient safety with a new digital learning platform designed to improve duodenoscope reprocessing by technicians. The new digital learning platform will be specifically designed for reprocessing the Olympus TJF-Q180V duodenoscope, which is a complex medical endoscope used to perform endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).

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In 2016, Amplifire co-developed an electronic training course for reprocessing technicians on the exact steps for cleaning and disinfecting duodenoscopes. The course proved effective in helping technicians master the details of the multi-stage reprocessing process and overcome misinformation. Olympus has subsequently created a new course for the TJF-Q180V duodenoscope, offered electronically and based on its most current instructions for use, that focuses on the reprocessing steps during which mistakes often occur. The course is being made available through Amplifire to Olympus duodenoscope customers in the U.S., at no additional cost.

Amplifire transforms traditional training into an engaging, effective learning experience. According to learning and memory researcher Will Thalheimer, memory is extremely variable between different learners. i Memory is also highly dependent on the tools and techniques used within a chosen training technology. Amplifire addresses these challenges with a patented process built from insights in cognitive science that increase levels of attention, motivation, and confidence, leading to greater human performance, especially when working under pressure. Leveraging Amplifire’s patented learning algorithms, knowledge analytics, and diagnostic capabilities, the new learning modules aim to improve consistency and outcomes in duodenoscope reprocessing.

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“As a market leader in endoscopy, Olympus continues to be responsive to the changing needs of our customers to ensure patient safety,” said Kevin Mancini, Vice President for Marketing, Endoscopy Division, Olympus America, Inc. “Through this exciting new partnership with Amplifire, we are offering, at no cost, leading-edge education and training to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety in reprocessing our duodenoscopes. This effort is all about enhancing the capability of technicians and the wellbeing of patients.”

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