Nuventive Improvement Platform™ to Incorporate Predictive Analytics Powered by Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Nuventive Improvement, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

This month, following its 12th Annual Users Conference, Nuventive CEO Dr. David Raney announced the company’s collaboration with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) on the launch of a leading-edge, AI-driven predictive analytics solution. Together, the companies will leverage the Nuventive Improvement Platform and Microsoft Rapid Insights engagement to deliver new insights into existing business practices and advance the practice of institutional effectiveness and improvement.

“We’re excited to be working with a tenured team at Microsoft Consulting Services which includes former university presidents who understand first-hand the challenges our clients face – both in terms of achieving optimal effectiveness and adopting AI,” said Dr. Raney.  “Bringing information from across the institution together, aligning it with strategic initiatives, and distributing it to stakeholders at all levels for use in the context of the specific goals they’re responsible for impacting– this is core to the Nuventive Improvement Platform. With MCS we’ll be able to deliver new value, modeling the rich qualitative data sets clients have amassed in order to provide new perspective while progressing them along the path to a culture of data-informed excellence.”

In an era of rapid change, where effectiveness requires a balance between institutional aspirations, the achievement of strategic goals, and the ongoing delivery of value to multiple stakeholders, visibility into key performance indicators is imperative.

“Institutional effectiveness is predicated on data and the value of that data is in how we harness it to drive results,” said Laura Longcore, Microsoft Services Vice President for Data & AI. “This is where AI comes in, with its potential to fundamentally augment continuous improvement initiatives and help leaders and educators consistently drive toward the right outcomes.”

The data-informed, people-centric decision-making behind institutional effectiveness and improvement is resource-intensive and requires an understanding of both the big picture and deepest detail.

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