New Technology Generates Secure Mobile Apps from Web and Cloud Apps in Minutes

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New Technology Generates Secure Mobile Apps from Web and Cloud Apps in Minutes

Appdome, the industry-defining, no-code mobile integration and solutions platform, announced its newest offering, SecurePWA™. SecurePWA is a no-code mobile development tool that creates secure Android and iOS progressive web apps (PWAs) from any web or cloud apps in minutes.

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The shift from desktops to mobile devices for day-to-day digital work continues. Organizations that invested in web and cloud services must now provide their employees and partners with mobile apps to access these services, improve work and increase engagement. Progressive web apps offer organizations a faster path to create and build mobile apps vs. native development. However, the cost, expense and time needed to transform all cloud and web properties to mobile apps or progressive web apps remain high.

“SecurePWA dramatically accelerates enterprise mobile strategies,” said Tom Tovar, CEO, and Co-Creator at Appdome. “With SecurePWA, organizations build true mobile apps from websites in minutes and offer users easy and persistent mobile app access to digital resources, offline use and more, all with the confidence of the enterprise security model chosen by the organization.”

Every SecurePWA built on Appdome comes out of the box with critical security features including Appdome ONEShield™ (app hardening), local authentication (with FaceID or TouchID), SiteTRUST™ (Anti-Phishing with App Transport Security [ATS] and Network Security Configuration [NCS]) and Appdome EnterpriseID™ (Secured Credentials and Cross-App ID). In addition, the new service lets customers add Appdome Mobile Security Suite, the world’s most comprehensive mobile app security solution. Further, in enterprise environments, IT organizations can add enterprise mobility management (EMM/MAM) and VPN connections.

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According to Gartner, “When organizations are pressed for time or have limited development budget, they should consider PWAs, because they reuse existing web assets and can be developed once and deployed across platforms. This is also helpful when you have limited resources for native app development.”1

In many cases, SecurePWAs will be preferred for securing native mobile apps. In some cases, an Android or iOS binary will be unavailable. Enterprises may have built cloud and web properties but have not built Android and iOS apps. With SecurePWA, these same organizations can instantly generate progressive web apps without any developer resources and quickly publish these via public or private app stores.

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