New OS Edge Computing Platform and AI Boards from Baidu


Two new AI hardware development platforms have also been announced-  the BIE-AI-Box, a kit for in-car video analysis designed in partnership with Intel, and the BIE-AI-Board, a chipboard that’s optimized for object classification, co-developed with NXP.

OpenEdge is claimed to be China’s first open source edge computing platform, a local package component of Baidu Intelligent Edge (BIE). It offers a cloud-based management suite to manage edge nodes, edge apps, and resources such as certification, password, and program code. It supports models trained on AI frameworks such as Google’s TensorFlow and Baidu’s own PaddlePaddle, meaning that developers can train AI models on BIE and deploy them locally. Moreover, devices deployed with BIE are afforded additional features, like the ability to cache data and perform on-device processing in the event of a flaky network connection.

These tools together, Baidu says, let developers build custom edge computing systems on a range of hardware that can collect data, distribute messages, perform AI inference, and synchronize with the cloud.

Baidu and Intel’s BIE-AI-Box is a hardware kit custom built for analysing the frames captured by cockpit cameras. It incorporates specially designed BIE technologies that help connect with cameras for road recognition, car body monitoring, driver behaviour recognition, among other tasks. The BIE-AI-Board, designed for object recognition, is a compact tool that can be embedded into cameras, drones, robots, and other hardware. The company plans to base its business strategy for these products on the cloud, a fast growing market slated to touch $441 billion by 2020 according to Gartner reports.

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