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New Domain Name From Domain Registry Innovator, ShortDot, to Be Introduced in Coming Months

By ET Bureau - January 31, 2020 2 Mins Read

New Domain Name From Domain Registry Innovator, ShortDot, to Be Introduced in Coming Months

Hot on the heels of the ascent of its .icu domain extension to the number one in registry market share, comes the announcement this week from ShortDot SA that it will introduce yet another new domain name to the public. .cyou (See You) is anticipated to be available to the general public by June.

Based in Luxembourg, ShortDot SA was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Lars JensenKevin KopasMichael Riedl, and Christian Tecar, who between them have 60 years of experience in the domain industry – on both the registry and registrar sides of the business. That acumen is not only driving the company’s growth but solidifying its reputation as a cutting-edge force in the domain industry.

The company is now the largest domain name registry in the world. Its domain extensions – which also include .bond and .icu – not only aim to help brands connect better with customers in the overly-saturated classic domain realm, but are now proving to be meaningful to organizations seeking to make a statement.

Case in point: The GitHub site is home to a repository of health complaints from tech workers in China who are required by their employer to work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. Chinese developers chose the domain extension because it related the 996 work practices to risking a trip to the ICU of a hospital.

“Watching .icu become the largest new domain extension in the world with more than 5.6 million domains in more than 125 countries was incredible. What was most rewarding though was seeing the enthusiasm for the extension and how creatively organizations were using it,” said Kevin Kopas, co-founder, and COO.

“Our users tend to shy away from traditional ways and instead seek out innovation and originality. We knew that while .icu and .bond are helping their domains stand out, that we needed to keep introducing new options to this tech-savvy crowd. That is where .cyou (See You) comes into play,” he added.

ShortDot says it also differentiates itself from other domain registries with online media support for new and growing businesses via design, development, lead generation, and customer retention programs.


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