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New Customer Insight Application Launched Specifically for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

By ET Bureau - June 26, 2019 2 Mins Read

New Customer Insight Application Launched Specifically for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Pxida is a revolutionary survey platform empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to create simple surveys in a matter of minutes and derive rich customer insight to improve their customer focus.

The company behind Pxida, OSG, has provided advanced behavioral analytics technology to global brands for over a decade and now refined and developed its technology to specifically meet the needs of smaller businesses who do not have the same marketing and insight teams found in larger organizations. Pxida utilizes this latest technology and powerful analytics to enable small businesses to better understand their customers in a quick and easy-to-use software tool.

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OSG’s Chief Product Officer, Simon Dumville said, ‘Smaller businesses can benefit by surveys designed bespoke by our market research experts, tailored not just to a sector but to a specific business type and deep, but easy to interpret, analysis developed by our data scientists. We employ the experts so you do not need to, Pxida requires no expertise.’

Unlike current platforms that often require extensive effort and complicated survey programming experience, Pxida tailors the appropriate survey for any business type by asking a few short, simple questions. Pxida allows businesses to add any additional questions of their own if required. And configure alerts for highly satisfied or dissatisfied customers for rapid intervention.

Businesses can understand not only how customers feel about them but also how they feel about their closest competitors and identify areas for improvement. Pxida’s real-time dashboard displays an up to date analysis of all feedback which can be used to fine tune marketing strategies and inform investment decisions for maximum customer retention. The dashboard enables filtering of responses by parameters such as date of response, age, gender, etc. to understand which segments are satisfied, and where the challenges lie.

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