New Blue Prism SaaS Offerings Adds to Industrys Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Automation Solutions

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New Blue Prism SaaS Offerings Add to Industry's Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Automation Solutions

Building on a foundation of enabling greater choice, security, and scalability, Blue Prism® announced the availability of three new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that augment its Digital Workforce powered by the company’s connected-RPA Platform. These new SaaS solutions leverage IP acquired with Thoughtonomy (now branded Blue Prism Cloud) and allow enterprises to access the industry’s most advanced intelligent automation capabilities. Blue Prism now gives customers access to end-to-end automation solutions that cover all IT environments — on-premise, cloud, hybrid and SaaS — an industry first.

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“Our SaaS customers have long enjoyed the benefit of AI technologies that increase utilization while simplifying management of an intelligent digital workforce, in addition to facilitating closer collaboration between human and digital workers,” says Terry Walby, CEO of Blue Prism Cloud. “Now, we’ve opened up these capabilities to our entire community of Blue Prism users so that they can accelerate their digital transformation whether they are running automation environments on-premise or from the cloud.”

The new SaaS offerings underpin Blue Prism’s connected-RPA strategy to provide a Digital Workforce for every Enterprise built with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of automation solutions. In line with this strategy, these latest capabilities are being made available directly from Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX) and through partners. Each one addresses key needs for enterprises looking to maximize value from their investment:

  • Blue Prism Cloud Hub – is a digital workforce management control center that allows users to manage the full automation lifecycle of their entire digital workforce. This business-friendly interface simplifies management and provides a comprehensive dashboard for reporting. Large enterprise teams spread across multiple geographies that can customize the interface to their own language and to cover management of their own area of responsibility.
    • Users of Blue Prism Cloud Hub will also have access to Wireframer, a powerful process automation design tool that autonomously builds out the core process structure, ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place for everything from application interaction through to exception handling.

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  • Blue Prism® Cloud Interact – is a web interface for digital workers and human collaboration. Accessible via a browser on any computer or mobile device, the customizable Interact web interface, empowers organizations to broaden the addressable use cases for automation from front to back office. Designed to address any process which requires manual initiation (attended automation), or intervention (human-in-the-loop). Business users leverage simple, ready to use templates in order to create new dynamic web forms that create flexible automations addressing a wide range of use cases.
  • Blue Prism Cloud IADA – is an AI-enabled digital workforce supervisor that automatically orchestrates the activities of your digital workers in order to maximize their productivity and increase return on investment. Focusing on the business SLA requirements of every automation, the real-time fluctuations in business volumes and knowledge of the organization’s IT environment, IADA optimizes performance.
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