Netberg Launches Custom Networking Solutions


Netberg supports its customers with comprehensive custom networking software and hardware development services.

The new offering brings Netberg’s experience in developing networking products and collaboration with open source projects to customers needing bespoke products.

Carrier networks, cloud, 5G, AI, IoT, and ubiquitous Edge applications often face complexities and challenges that existing commercial COTS solutions cannot solve. Having a solid and product line of hardware platforms, including fully programmable Intel Tofino-based Aurora 610, Aurora 710, and Aurora 750, Netberg has offerings ready to face every challenge. Bespoke products help customers to transform their business, introduce innovative services, and create new revenue streams ahead of the competition.

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“We had a strong success in delivering custom network monitoring and orchestration solution to several 5G carriers in Asia,” says Alex Ustyuzhanin, CEO of Netberg. “Leveraging the power of programmable Intel Tofino silicon, we delivered fit-for-purpose software with unique features based on real demand from carrier network operators. Progress of 5G applications, datacenter, and IoT services requires new features and capabilities that are not there in standard products. We want to expand our positive experience and bring that expertise to more customers around the globe.”