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NeeyamoWorks Launches the Next-Gen Employee Records Management Solution

By ET Bureau - August 11, 2020 2 Mins Read

Employee Records Management Solution

NeeyamoWorks, a global provider of HR solutions, announced today the launch of its next-gen employee records management solutions – NeeyamoWorks DocketTM.

With cutting-edge innovation at its core and supported by a cloud-based, secure database, NeeyamoWorks DocketTM is designed to make the lives of HR administrators easier. HR can fully harness the strength of the platform features such as centralized database and intelligent documentation that save significant time spent in digitizing and managing employee records.

Subramaniam Mahadevan, President at NeeyamoWorks, said, “Since its inception, NeeyamoWorks has been moving from a traditional application-driven approach to a radically innovative functional product-based approach. NeeyamoWorks DocketTM is the perfect testimony to our efforts. What makes it unique is its ability to seamlessly integrate with the organization’s HRIS, providing a unified platform experience. The tool can be configured to suit the organization’s business policies and requirements making it an ideal solution for every sized business.”

Anagha Bildikar, Global Head – HR Practices and Technology, commented, “Accurate and complete employee records and data are the epicenters of any HR function and process. We have seen organizations from a varied background, size, and industry spend tremendous money and effort in trying to handle their employee records while continuing to grapple with staying compliant. With complex statutory/federal laws and varied retention schedules, managing employee records has always been a challenging affair. NeeyamoWorks DocketTM, with its new-age features like in-build compliance vault and simple interface, enables optimal self-service adoption, making it a simple yet scalable solution. I encourage HR leaders and managers to schedule a quick demo of the tool to get an exclusive preview of the whip-smart employee records management solution, today.”


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