Nebo Adds Beta Voice Functionality to its Content Management System (CMS)

Nebo, Beta Voice, Content Management System

Agency Announces Platform to Manage Both Digital and Voice Content in One Interface

Nebo, a human-centered agency headquartered in Atlanta, has announced the addition of a voice functionality to the Nebo CMS, the industry’s first Ruby on Rails enterprise-level CMS. The beta launch of the Nebo CMS Voice Module represents one of the first technologies on the market that allows digital content and voice content, including both Google Actions and Alexa Skills, to be managed on the same platform.

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The goal of the Nebo CMS Voice Module is to allow marketers to manage written content and voice content in the same, easy-to-use interface whether it’s a website, mobile experience or voice platforms like Amazon’s Echo, Echo Show, Google Home or Google Home Hub. The voice module also allows for the centralization and unification of voice content for Google Actions and Alexa Skills, so there is a common content base so users are able to simultaneously push content onto both platforms in real time.

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“One of the barriers for brands in executing a voice strategy is managing the content,” said Kimm Lincoln, President of Nebo. “With the Nebo CMS, you can manage your digital content and voice content in the same place and push content to Google Actions and Amazon in real time. We’re excited to give brands the ability to more easily capitalize on future opportunities in voice.”

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The Nebo CMS Voice Module supports Google Home and Alexa voice content, but it also has the capability to handle visual assets. The module allows users to easily create display text, recommended phrases and responses, create suggested questions as well as display images. Users are also able to see the voice content synced to Amazon and Google in real time as content is updated.

“There is a technological push towards non-device dependent interaction,” said Jessica Burns, Director of Engineering. “Voice is no longer simply asking for the weather; it has developed into real interactions to drive action. The voice addition to the Nebo CMS is our first step to propel voice technology forward.”

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