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MSCI to Launch Investment Solutions as a Service in Collaboration with Microsoft

By ET Bureau - February 23, 2021 4 Mins Read

MSCI to Launch Investment Solutions as a Service in Collaboration with Microsoft

MSCI Inc. (NYSE: MSCI), a leader in investment decision support tools and services, today announces the development of Investment Solutions as a Service for the global investor community, in collaboration with Microsoft Corp.

The new service will enable institutional investors to use next generation technologies, advanced analytics and big data to help them anticipate and meet strategic and investment challenges.

Designed to align long-term data and technology trends with the immediate needs of investors, the service will combine Microsoft’s cloud and AI technologies with MSCI’s vast datasets, analytical models and in-depth expertise from the global community. investors to strengthen next-generation investment decision making.

Investment Solutions as a Service will transform the investment process and experience, with the launch of the following services in 2021:

  • ESG Solutions as a Service
  • Index Solutions as a Service
  • Data Management Solutions as a Service
  • Investment Analytics Solutions as a Service

The launch of these services reflects the growing demand for technologies that offer “solutions as a service”, leveraging big data and providing personalized experiences. The solutions are part of the strategic alliance created between MSCI and Microsoft in 2020 to accelerate innovation in the global investor community.

“The partnership with Microsoft underscores MSCI’s continued commitment to innovative investment solutions,” said Henry Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of MSCI . “We have combined Microsoft’s best technology cutting with our strong data and analytics capabilities and our insightful understanding of our customers’ needs to create a suite of services and open new horizons for investors.

Whether it’s the historic and unprecedented challenge of climate change, or the potential of big data and innovative analytics, Investment Solutions as a Service is a milestone in the implementation of the next generation of decision-making in investment terms. ”

“MSCI and Microsoft share a common commitment to accelerating innovation in the financial services industry,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI, Microsoft. “MSCI’s investment solutions, combined with the data and analytics capabilities of Microsoft Azure, will enable investment managers to leverage the intelligent insights needed to confidently navigate today’s global markets.”

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions as a Service

With environmental, societal and governance (ESG) issues now at the heart of the approach of investors and large companies, ESG Solutions as a Service will help them better understand, analyze and interpret the financial and commercial opportunities and risks associated with climate change.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Azure and PowerBI platforms, investors will be able to assess industries and companies with the best ESG analysis tools, and companies will better gauge competitive risks. The service will provide detailed insights into the adaptive capacity of societies vis-à-vis climate change, carbon footprint reduction measures, as well as physical risk exposure,

Index Solutions as a Service

Index Solutions as a Service will provide investors with the opportunity to create and customize indices and will, for the first time ever, have the index building capabilities of MSCI.

The service aims to ensure an informed and efficient experience shortening the time between the design and the realization of new personalized indices. Based on Microsoft Azure, Index Solutions as a Service includes information based on over 50 years of MSCI experience in this field.

The solution will provide customers with a self-service experience to create, test and analyze personalized indices; compare these indices against sector benchmarks; to refine their creations via an innovative process and to order them from the MSCI solution.

Data Management Solutions as a Service and Investment Analytics Solutions as a Service

With Data Management Solutions as a Service and Investment Analytics Solutions as a Service, investors can directly discover and dynamically access a wide range of data sets and proven analytical capabilities of the investment solutions offered today by MSCI. MSCI will market a new developer portal, with APIs that integrate seamlessly with customer ecosystems.

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Through this portal, Through the Developer Portals, developers and researchers can find, select and analyze historical market data on a range of asset classes, and develop their own investment solutions to meet the specific needs of their portfolios. .

 The launch of MSCI’s Investment Solutions as a Service is the latest example of our continued innovation and drive to develop disruptive technologies,” said Jigar Thakkar, CTO and Engineering Manager at MSCI . “We know that our clients operate in an increasingly complex environment, in which the need for intelligent information for portfolio management and risk analysis is more pressing than ever. Our new services will deliver a seamless experience. fluid, with rapid customization and exploration of our datasets, giving investors unprecedented scope. ”

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