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Mphasis Announces Quantum Computing Framework and Consulting Services

By ET Bureau - December 01, 2020 2 Mins Read

~ Mphasis offers Quantum-based commercial offerings leveraging patent pending framework.

Mphasis , an Information Technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, today announced the launch of its Quantum Computing framework powered Consulting and Quantum Algorithm development services.

Mphasis helps enterprises leverage the power of Quantum Computing in solving complex business problems in areas such as Machine Learning, Optimization and Simulation. Quantum Computing allows the building of computing systems which incorporate richer data handling and processing elements than the ones currently used by traditional computers. Quantum computers help reduce the execution time for algorithms, identify complex patterns in data to improve accuracy and help solve complex problems that are difficult to solve on traditional computers in finite time.

The company engages with customers through Quantum computing services such as Assessment, Workshops, Consulting and Algorithm Development. The Quantum Computing Consulting and Algorithm development are powered by Mphasis’ patent pending Quantum Computing framework, Energy Optimized Network (EON). The framework overcomes the limitations of quantum computing systems not being able to work on varied input datasets. It consists of Quantum assisted Machine Learning, Quantum Circuit and Deep neural network layers.

“We at Mphasis work consistently towards driving innovation to bring our customers seamless solutions to complex business problems. The Quantum Energy Optimized Network (EON) based solution and services solve the next level of complex business problems of our customers across areas such as Machine Learning, Optimization and Simulation,” said Nitin Rakesh, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, Mphasis.

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Quantum Algorithm Development and Implementation services are spread across Quantum Annealing based systems, Quantum Circuit based systems as well as simulators and emulators. The Mphasis expertise in building Quantum based algorithms include Capacitated Vehicle Routing Optimization, Financial Services Portfolio selection, Financial Services Asset allocation, Supply Chain Demand Prediction, Large Scale Image Analytics, Graph Theory and Network Analysis, Distributed Supply Network Optimization, Text Categorization on large document corpus, Rare Event Classification such as Anomaly Detection, Content Generative frameworks such as Natural Language Generators etc.


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