More than just loading Data: Datameer launches Datameer Spectrum ETL++ to disrupt the no-code cloud ELT market

More than just loading Data Datameer launches Datameer Spectrum ETL__ to disrupt the no-code cloud ELT market

Datameer today announced Datameer Spectrum as part of the Datameer Cloud Platform, a cloud-native solution that combines all of the capabilities of a high-end ETL platform — such as governance, support, and security — with the scale, agility, and cost-effectiveness needed to efficiently extract, transform, and load data to Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Synapse.

The cloud data warehouse market is projected to grow to $35 billion by 2025. As a result, the demand for data engineers  and cloud data integration tools has been experiencing explosive growth.

“We created Datameer Spectrum in response to the market demand for managing complex data pipelines in enterprises with the need for stringent security, regulatory compliance, and governance, explains George Shahid, Datameer CEO. “Datameer Spectrum gives these organizations a robust and intuitive ETL solution that enables analytics teams to not only extract data from any sources — on-premise or in the cloud — but to transform it to their needs in a few clicks, and load it in any cloud data warehouse provider without having to write a single line of code—and at a fraction of the costs of alternative solutions.

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Powerful No-Code Transformations

Most ELT solutions merely move data into cloud data warehouses with heavy reliance on data engineers to code the business-specific transformations.  These solutions do not address the complete data journey, which requires use case specific transformations to be performed in the cloud environment. Modern data teams need to continually refine data assets to answer new questions and share insights across the enterprise..

Datameer Spectrum is an enterprise-grade solution with native integration into all major cloud platforms, including Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, DataBricks and cloud  data lakes. Further, the solution delivers a multi-persona, user interface with visual, spreadsheet and SQL interfaces underpinned by more than 280 powerful functions and more than 200 connectors to data sources wherever they reside

Governance and Security

Datameer Spectrum’s end-to-end data lineage—along with its business glossary and data dictionary—provides the complete audit trails and governance features that enterprises need to stay compliant as they transition to cloud based analytics.

In addition, with a flexible and powerful role-based access control model, PII obfuscation, and encryption capabilities, Datameer’s enterprise-grade security features ensure enterprises can detect potential security issues and protect personally identifiable information, keeping customer data secure in the cloud. Masking sensitive data is made easy during ingest with secure hash, MD5, and randomization functions.

“We’ve been using Datameer along with Tableau to schedule and automate our internal reporting processes for our credit ratings business line,” says Rahim Jivani, Assistant Vice President of Business Intelligence, Innovation & Portfolio Management at Morningstar. “We were previously using Domo for all of our reporting needs from report development to ETL tasks. Using Datameer as a primary ETL engine has made it easy to migrate our users and data from Domo to Tableau.

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