Mobileum expands its strategic alliance with Developing Solutions to offer a full lifecycle testing solution for 5G

Mobileum expands its strategic alliance with Developing Solutions to offer a full lifecycle testing solution for 5G

 Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and networking solutions, telecommunications security, risk management, and testing and monitoring, is is pleased to announce that it has expanded its partnership with Developing Solutions, a private network testing company that focuses on testing 3G / 4G / 5G and core IMS wireless interfaces.

The extension of the agreement will allow the integration of the product DSTEST of Developing Solutions with the platform Active Testing SITES Mobileum to provide telecom operators test solutions and verification of end – to – end across the network and the cycle service life 5G from laboratory to production. The solution integrates seamlessly into IC / CD production processes, serving the laboratory with continuous testing, while automating testing of active services on the same platform.

In the context of this alliance, Mobileum will also act as a sales channel for the dsTest product, taking advantage of its global clientele to expand the reach of Developing Solutions in the market and offer telecommunications operators a unique and integrated solution to test and implement new 5G services.

The integration of the two technology offerings will enable automated testing in a CI / CD environment, using the extensive 5G core emulation capabilities of Developing Solutions combined with Active Testing APIs and Mobileum’s 5G test automation capabilities. One ofThe key benefits of this solution is that it is fully automated and facilitates the development and deployment of new tests with high flexibility, allowing users to easily tackle any 5G test scenario, and it translates into faster service deployments and costs lower operating conditions. This solution will be able to integrate with Mobileum’s Active Intelligence ecosystem and its broader portfolio of executable analytics solutions, helping to strengthen your global value proposition.

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“As the introduction of standalone 5G and network slicing accelerates, the ability for telecom operators to fully automate testing of new services and applications will be critical to improving their business agility and obtaining new revenue streams. Our joint solution provides end-to-end testing and verification using IC / CD applications from lab to production, and helps continually identify and resolve potential issues before they impact the customer, “said Dennis Foster , who is responsible for sales and marketing for Developing Solutions.

“We are excited to strengthen our alliance with Developing Solutions. Our expanded offering provides an end-to-end 5G application testing platform that easily integrates with other automation tools and reduces operational costs by enabling modern and seamless integration and distribution with the DevOps approach. With the advent of 5G technology, operators must adapt to market changes more quickly, while maintaining the highest level of service delivery. Our joint solution will support our customers’ need to develop, test, implement and validate software applications and services throughout their entire life cycle, “said Goce Talaganov, Head of Test and Monitoring Products at Mobileum.

Mobileum’s Active Testing is an end-to-end testing solution designed to facilitate 5G deployment, offering unique insights into service delivery and quality of experience. It is a key enabler for new 5G services, enabling operators to meet the highest data transfer speeds and latency requirements of 5G, while ensuring extreme reliability and agility. The platform was designed and optimized to test, monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark services 24/7, and is poised to scale as 5G technology evolves.

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