MobiDAX: World’s First Cross-Platform SAAS For Digital Asset Trading Platform Services

MobiDAX – Cross-Platform Exchange Platform SAAS for trading Fiat, Cryptocurrencies and other forms of Digital Assets, is proud to announce an innovative approach for deploying, customizing and maintaining Exchange Platform Services.

Today’s marketplace for Asset Exchange Platform SAAS, is split between two optional services – White Label and Custom Software Solutions. As the market matures and regulatory requirements are defined by local governments, White Label go-to-market costs, monthly fees and customization limitations, are causing this segment to lose ground in favor of the flexibility offered by Custom Software Solutions.

On the same hand, similar to White Labels, Custom Software Solutions are code centric to individual platforms and devices, such as Web, iOS, Android and Desktop applications. This decentralization of code base, has a direct impact on the costs associated with provisioning these financial services to the end user. Unsustainable overhead from employing an extensive development team for deployment, customization and maintenance, limits this segment of business providers from being truly Cross-Platform and satisfying the demand of a wider user base.

What does this mean?

Most exchanges start a web based platform with development costs ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, without accounting for hosting, upgrades and maintenance. At a later stage, these businesses start developing mobile applications for either iOS or Android, with a development overhead of roughly $25,000-$50,000 per platform. Considering the costs of development, maintenance and upgrading the code base across platforms, hardly any Exchange Platform made it Desktop Application. While most never have their business represented in Google Play or Apple Markets.

MobiDAX SAAS Solution is here to overcome these challenges. Here is how:

Developed using Google’s Flutter Framework and Dart Programming Language, MobiDAX supports Web, iOS, Android and Desktop Applications from a single code base. Single code base to deploy, customize and maintain cross-platform functionality across all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and mobile devices. MobiDAX eliminates the necessity to support multiple code-bases to support Cross-Platform Services. With MobiDAX, your business has the liberty of decreasing the size of the development team needed for customization, upkeep and maintenance, directly impacting operational costs.

MobiDAX is the only Cross-Platform Digital Asset Exchange Platform SAAS, solving real issues for the modern Financial Services Industry.

Here are some other MobiDAX highlights worthy consideration:

– MobiDAX offers Start-up options for lightweight deployments but easily scales to Enterprise demand.
– MobiDAX can be deployed in less than 1 week, with some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and Ethereum/ERC20 support.
– Add unlimited ERC20 Tokens directly from the Admin Panel.
– Microservice infrastructure makes MobiDAX customization friendly. Individualized services from Front, to Back-end components are practically begging for customization.
– Advanced API management powered by a custom implementation of GraphQL, allows simplified addition of 3rd Party Services and data management from a single query interface.
– Dual layer accounting in native Opensource based Trade Matching Engine (Peatio) for increased Security.
– Comprehensive Admin Panel for configuring and managing: Blockchain nodes, currencies, ERC20 Tokens, KYC, markets, fees, wallets and user transactions.
– Time-tested Opensource Back-end Components supporting many of the Top100 Coinmarketcap listed Exchanges and a lot more down the ladder and unlisted Exchanges.
– Advanced Security Features enhanced with microservice infrastructure as code, Opensource Back-end and native cloud infrastructure.

MobiDAX – Built by a team with nearly 4 years of experience specializing in developing Digital Asset Exchange Platforms. Today, leads the evolution of deploying, customizing and maintaining Cryptocurrency, Fiat and Digital Asset Exchange Platforms.

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