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Mitratech Acquires ClusterSeven to Create Industry-First Data Privacy and Information Governance Suite

By ET Bureau - January 30, 2020 2 Mins Read

Mitratech, ClusterSeven , Industry-First Data Privacy, Information Governance Suite

Mitratech, a leading provider of legal and compliance software, announced the acquisition of ClusterSeven Ltd. By offering their products alongside its existing governance, risk, and compliance solutions, Mitratech will provide the first-ever end-to-end solutions suite specifically aimed at elevating companies’ data privacy and information governance efforts.

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By adding solutions from ClusterSeven to a proven family of products, Mitratech now supplies a full spectrum of the tools needed to ensure data privacy, empowering information governance, and satisfy regulatory oversight.

ClusterSeven, based in London, U.K., provides a unique and innovative solution for discovering, managing and monitoring “Shadow IT” – the hidden, sensitive End User Computer (EUC) applications, spreadsheets, data assets and other applications that lie outside of IT controls but that an organization relies upon.

The new suite of solutions will give compliance teams capabilities to manage and mitigate risk:

  • GRC teams will be able to manage obligations under thousands of ever-changing regulations.
  • Translate obligations quickly and easily into policies and procedures they can rapidly create, review, communicate, and capture attestation to.
  • Get visibility into the hidden, sensitive applications, spreadsheets, links, data assets and more that exist across a business but are outside of IT control.
  • Collate, manage and mine data and business-critical content via a secure “single source of truth” central repository.
  • Embed policy and information governance best practices in operational processes throughout the enterprise via workflow automation.

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“With this acquisition, we’re able to offer our clients the most comprehensive and truly end-to-end suite of solutions available today in the risk and compliance management segment,” said Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech. “No other provider has this breadth and depth of a product portfolio. And no one else has a team behind its products that’s anywhere near as experienced, capable, and committed to client success as the one we’ve assembled.”


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