Microsoft is Bringing its Antivirus Software to the Mac


Microsoft is bringing its Windows Defender antivirus software to Mac OS.

Microsoft is renaming its Windows Defender antivirus software to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, and bringing it to Mac OS for the first time. Microsoft has created a dedicated Defender ATP client for Mac, and it offers full virus and threat protection mixed with the usual ability to perform quick or full scans.

A limited preview will be available for businesses to try out the antivirus protection in both Windows PCs and Macs. Microsoft is using its AutoUpdate software on macOS to keep it up to date, Microsoft Defender ATP runs under Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

The ATP is limited to businesses, it is unclear when it will be available to businesses more widely, and there are no additional reports from Microsoft yet.

Currently the defender is built into Windows 10, offering antivirus protection by default. Microsoft is offering a limited preview to Microsoft Defender ATP customers.

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