MHS announces expanded autonomous mobile robot capabilities

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MHS announces expanded autonomous mobile robot capabilities

MHS, a single-source provider of material handling automation and software solutions, announces its expanded portfolio of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) capabilities. The company combines access to best-of-breed robotic technologies with application design and integration expertise for maximum operational benefit.  

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“With mobile robots increasingly prevalent in distribution and fulfillment, parcel and other environments, the challenge is properly integrating them with complex automated systems,” says Michael Fleming, global product manager, MHS. “Our deep experience with these systems and emerging technologies uniquely positions us to bring the theoretical benefit of mobile robots to the daily reality of our customers.”

MHS provides access to a full lineup of automated mobile transportation systems, including modifications for target applications like detachable carts, robotic arms, forklifts and conveyor supplements. Sourcing best-of-breed technologies means customers are not limited to the in-house offering of a single vendor but maintains the efficiency of single-source solution design and integration, including reduced exposure to additional markups, control design, and change orders.

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MHS handles control of AMR solutions through facility software applications, allocating work to ensure they function seamlessly with other automated systems. The company’s Lifecycle Performance Services group is equipped to remotely monitor and proactively service AMRs to keep systems running at their peak.

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