Men&Mice Announces Micetro 10.0 To Define Sustainable Networking For Enterprise Organisations

Men_Mice announces Micetro 10.0 to define sustainable networking for enterprise organisations

Men&Mice, an expert in network management, has today announced Micetro 10.0, the new version of its unified DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) orchestration software, aimed at establishing sustainable networking best practices in diverse and heterogeneous global enterprise networks.

Micetro 10.0, formerly known as the Men&Mice Suite, comes revamped with the company’s new branding and is positioned to support its reforged vision. Men&Mice is focused on creating a strong and unified user experience. Renaming and rebranding the product is an essential step in achieving this goal.

“Micetro 10.0 is a big step on our way to becoming the world leader in sustainable networking,” says Magnus Bjornsson, Men&Mice CEO. “We took time last year to refocus and streamline the vision for the product as well as the company. Much the same way we help our customers optimise their DDI environments.”

“Giving the product a new name and infusing the interface with our new brand identity is the manifestation of our commitment to a singular vision for Men&Mice,” explains Katrin Gudjonsdottir, VP of Marketing at Men&Mice. “It creates consistency for the user, strengthens our mission to provide a ‘single pane of glass’ orchestration paradigm, and reinforces the core values the new brand is meant to communicate.”

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Micetro 10.0 feature highlights include:

Extended enterprise DHCP support

Micetro 10.0 supports the latest version of ISC’s modern DHCP server software Kea, including its enterprise-grade high availability configuration to diversify and strengthen network resilience.

New automation paths through Terraform and Ansible

Micetro 10.0 includes plugins to integrate DDI workflows into Terraform and Ansible, two modern automation platforms that deliver Infrastructure-as-Code and Network-as-Code functionality many businesses are already using.

PostgreSQL support 

Micetro 10.0 is delivering official support for the PostgreSQL database, as well as high availability features to maintain the network environment’s fault tolerance.

Further UI/UX improvements 

Micetro 10.0 provides new infrastructure through bulk DNS changes, accessibility improvements and various interface updates.

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