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Mendix Selects Datadog for Monitoring Multi-Cloud Microservices Environment

By ET Bureau - February 10, 2021 3 Mins Read

Mendix Selects Datadog for Monitoring Multi-Cloud Microservices Environment

Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced that Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in low-code application development for the enterprise, has selected Datadog as the company’s exclusive cloud observability platform for monitoring its multi-cloud microservices environment. Mendix engineers have adopted Datadog to ensure superior reliability for their enterprise customers and also to devote more time to innovation, rather than triage and troubleshooting.

Mendix is fundamentally reinventing the way applications are built in the digital enterprise with its low-code platform. The Mendix platform uses a model-based, graphic interface for software development, to promote intense collaboration between business and IT teams and dramatically accelerate application development cycles, while maintaining the highest standards of security, quality, and governance.

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Mendix needed to ensure their platform is highly performant, available, and reliable for its customers, so they can quickly and easily build modern business applications. With a complex environment built on multiple clouds utilizing a microservices architecture, the monitoring challenges are manifold. To maintain the performance of its platform, Mendix needed to correlate critical data across multiple cloud providers, and numerous microservices, so that issues can be managed and resolved within a single pane of glass. Datadog’s cloud monitoring platform has helped the Mendix operations team gain end-to-end visibility, with intuitive dashboards and targeted alerting, so engineers can spend time innovating instead of troubleshooting.

The Datadog platform was implemented within two days and the key benefits were:

  • Saved Time: debugging an issue in minutes, when it previously took several hours.
  • Improved Reliability: deployment process reliability increased to above ninety-nine percent.
  • Mitigating Tool Sprawl: replacing five other monitoring and logging tools with Datadog’s single, unified platform.
  • Increased Visibility with Automation: using Log Patterns to identify the most critical logs in the infrastructure almost immediately.

“Mendix is a pioneer in the field of low-code software development. By partnering with Datadog, we are building the path to scale low-code, enterprise-grade operations as well,” says Maarten Smeets, Vice President of Cloud Deployment and Operations, Mendix. “Our international customers have deployed more than 7,000 low-code business-critical applications running on Mendix’s public cloud. With Datadog’s powerful cloud-based performance monitoring, we have robust, industrial-level tooling to keep our complex cloud landscape responsive and resilient. By incorporating Datadog’s time-saving features into daily support, triage, and debugging operations, we free up our R&D engineers to concentrate their talents on platform innovation.”

“We’re thrilled that Mendix chose Datadog to monitor the performance and reliability of its low-code application development platform,” said Alex Rosemblat, Chief Marketing Officer, Datadog. “With increased adoption of new enterprise technologies like low-code, it’s vital for enterprises to evaluate the reliability and responsiveness of the underlying platform when selecting a partner. By choosing Datadog, Mendix demonstrates its commitment to providing customers a modern, enterprise-grade platform.”


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