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Medsender partners with Patagonia Health to Help Coordinate Public Health response to COVID-19

By ET Bureau - June 02, 2020 2 Mins Read

Medsender partners with Patagonia Health to Help Coordinate Public Health response to COVID-19

Medsender, a healthcare technology startup, partners with Patagonia Health, a leading public health EHR vendor, to assist state and county health departments in managing their COVID-19 response

Medsender is the first healthcare cloud communication company to partner with Patagonia Health.

The two companies joined forces to help provide public health departments with an easy way to securely collect patient information from any healthcare provider or lab. This new capability will allow Patagonia Health clients to automatically triage and digitize incoming medical documents in real-time and aggregate incoming COVID-19 patient statistics in their EHR, all with Medsender’s proven reliability to ensure no communication falls through the cracks.

“Because of our partnership, we now have local health departments that are using Medsender to communicate faster and more reliably with providers than ever before. They are getting digitized data on which towns have the highest infection rates. This is what we built Medsender for, to provide any company with a robust out-of-the-box healthcare communication solution that can be setup by anyone in minutes,” said Medsender CEO Zain Qayyum.

Information can be sent to Medsender users from anywhere, regardless of the data type or source. Senders do not need any software or workflow changes, allowing health systems to focus on patient care instead of IT woes during the pandemic.

According to a recentarticle published by Minnesota Public Radio, public health officials are stuck communicating over fax with providers. Faxes are blurry, busy signals interfere, and sometimes faxes go to the wrong place entirely, making it unreliable. Medsender’s technology is helping healthcare move off of faxing by combining health record integrations with its cloud encryption and digital data sharing network.

“With the majority of provider and lab communication currently taking place over fax, we are excited to transition public health departments to digital communication and use these new capabilities to help health officials make data-driven decisions on their COVID-19 response strategy,” said Sonali Luniya, Chief Customer Officer at Patagonia Health. “They are able to communicate seamlessly and compliantly across all EHRs, emails, and unstructured data sources such as faxes.”


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