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Mavenir strengthens its portfolio of AI and analytics to enable optimization, automation and security of mobile networks

By ET Bureau - March 15, 2021 5 Mins Read

Mavenir extends AI and analytics portfolio to enable mobile network optimization_ automation and security

Mavenir, the industry’s only vendor focused on end-to-end native network software in the cloud, and a leading company accelerating software network transformation for service providers Communications (FSC), today announced the strengthening of its artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics portfolio to enable closed-loop automation as well as promote digital transformation.

AI and machine learning (AA) within mobile network infrastructures are set to reduce costs, automating functions that typically require human interaction, and accelerate service offerings that generate new revenue, thus becoming increasingly important as the network edge, Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) and 5G cores are deployed.

The AI portfolio and analytical Mavenir includes solutions designed to analyze and make deductions from large volumes of unstructured data, to automate networks, achieve cost savings, and develop 5G use case. Many use cases in Industry 4.0, such as intelligent video analytics and AR / VR rely on 5G that requires inferences made by AI at the edge of the network. Mavenir’s portfolio includes these AI enabled applications for network automation, intelligent operations, AI at the network edge, and network security.

  1. Network Automation: Mavenir’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) follow the specifications issued by the O-RAN Alliance and 3GPP, and are at the heart of the vision of network automation. RIC and NWDAF allow the network to dynamically adapt to traffic conditions, using machine learning (AA) applications and algorithms that can be deployed in any network and multi-vendor environment. Mavenir’s RIC and NWDAF containerized capacities include:
    Non-RT RIC: Designed to host advanced AA algorithms (rApps) to optimize network performance and train AA models, using long-term RAN data for dynamic and adaptive policies, in the goal of optimizing RAN performance. RIC near-RT: designed to host trained AI / AA models (xApps) to infer and control O-RAN functional elements in near real time.  NWDAF: Designed to absorb data from autonomous 5G network functions (SA), and provide various analytics and intelligence services for intelligent network operation.
  2. Smart operations: By automating network operational processes through AI and analytics solutions, operators should be able to substantially reduce the cost and time of traditional, more labor-intensive methods, such as hard drive testing, registry inspections, etc. fault diagnosis, and manual calibration. Using AI-based prediction engines, operators can perform intelligent capacity planning, and reduce the possibility of large-scale network outages. With an anomaly detection capability, operators can spot underlying network failures that are difficult to see. This AI-driven Operations (AIOps) solution, which uses AA techniques.
  3. 5G EdgeAI : Mavenir’s 5G EdgeAI solution includes intelligent video analytics, suitable for a multitude of use cases, from facial recognition to anomaly detection, for smart cities and Industry 4.0. Next-generation AR / VR applications are accelerated and optimized by this platform at the edge of the network. A lot of detection data is analyzed, and measurements are taken in milliseconds by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) analytics application at the edge of the network.

    “AI is the key driver of Industry 4.0, providing real-time intelligence and control over industrial processes. Low latency and high density 5G are also drivers, which essentially results in the 5G + AI = Industry 4.0 equation, ”said Kuntal Chowdhury, senior vice president and general manager of the business unit. AI and Analytics, from Mavenir. “With Mavenir’s AI and analytics solutions now available as stand-alone solutions, we have been providing business intelligence as integrated solutions for many years to blue chip customers around the world. Currently, more than 200 systems are deployed in the networks of more than 80 customers, and our solutions process and analyze several billion registers every day, providing real-time or near-real-time intelligence to optimize network performance, with minimal or no human interaction.

  4. Network Security: As new vulnerabilities emerge, Mavenir’s fraud and security management solution, Fraud Management and Security Suite, protects the network in real time with AA and predictive analytics. Real-time Fraud Management and Security analytics take advantage of unique AA algorithms, along with a specifically designed framework, to manage the volume, speed, and multitude of structured and unstructured data. structured over wireless networks.Mavenir’s AI / AA-based security and anti-fraud solutions allow us to achieve consistent revenue savings at Telefónica Argentina,” commented Diego Quevedo, Head of Central Network Solutions Design, Telefónica Argentina. “We work in close cooperation with Mavenir to ensure this up-to-date protection of our network.Mavenir’s approach of applying real-time machine learning technology to protect our key operator services and revenues is extremely appreciated by customers,” said Ilia Abramov, senior vice president and general manager of the Security business unit at Mavenir. “The new threats that have emerged in recent years, as well as the growing attack vectors within mobile network services, have been effectively detected and blocked in our installed base. The increased level of confidence in our AI / AA technology is confirmed by the substantial growth in our additional network implementations over the past year. “

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“Being able to leverage our deep knowledge and advanced capabilities in AI / AA enables communications service providers to optimize, automate and improve their mobile networks in step with the future.” 5G, ”said BG Kumar, president of the communications services business group at Mavenir. “Network automation and the protection of network services enabled by AI / AA are key capabilities of Mavenir, and one of our customers’ highest priorities, and we are proud to provide this set of solutions to them. , so that they can realize their vision. ”

The solutions IA / AA and analytics and solutions fraud / security Mavenir of are deployed in prime many operators networks in North America, and in the EMEA and Asia Pacific. In addition, Mavenir is constantly working for innovation in AI / AA, through its R&D Center of Excellence in Brno, Czech Republic, and its R&D based in Richardson, Texas, and Bangalore, India. .

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