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Mavenir extends AI and analytics portfolio to enable optimization, automation and security of mobile networks

By ET Bureau - March 13, 2021 5 Mins Read

Mavenir extends AI and analytics portfolio to enable optimization, automation and security of mobile networks

Mavenir, the industry’s only end-to-end cloud native network software provider and a leader in accelerating software network transformation for communication service providers (Communication Service Providers , CSPs), today announced its extended portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to enable closed-loop automation and drive digital transformation.

Mavenir’s AI / ML-based security and anti-fraud solutions are taking care of Telefónica Argentina’s continued revenue savings”

AI and machine learning (ML) in the mobile network infrastructure are expected to reduce costs by automating functions that normally require human interaction, and to accelerate new revenue-generating service offerings, becoming increasingly important as open radio access networks (Open RAN) and 5G cores are deployed.

Mavenir’s AI and analytics portfolio includes solutions designed to analyze and derive inferences from large amounts of unstructured data to automate networks, achieve cost savings and build 5G use cases. Many Industry 4.0 use cases, such as Intelligent Video Analytics and AR / VR, are powered by 5G which require AI-based inferences at the tip. Mavenir’s portfolio includes these AI-enabled applications for network automation, intelligent operations, EdgeAI and network security.

  1. Network Automation: Mavenir’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) follow the specifications introduced by the O-RAN Alliance and 3GPP and operate at the heart of a network automation vision. RIC and NWDAF allow the network to dynamically adapt to traffic conditions, using machine learning (ML) based algorithms and applications that can be deployed on any network in a multi-vendor environment. Mavenir’s containerized RIC and NWDAF product features include:
  •    Non-RT RIC: designed to host advanced ML algorithms (rApps) to optimize network performance and train ML models using long-term RAN data for dynamic and adaptive policies to optimize RAN performance.
  •    Near-RT RIC: designed to host trained AI / ML models (xApps) to infer and control functional O-RAN elements in near real time.
  •    NWDAF: designed to ingest data from autonomous 5G network functions (standalone, SA) and provide various analytical and intelligence services for intelligent network operation.

2. Intelligent operations: By automating network operational processes with AI and analytics solutions, operators must be able to substantially reduce the cost and time of traditional and more labor-intensive methods, such as unit testing, log inspection, troubleshooting and manual calibration. 

With AI-based forecasting mechanisms, operators can achieve intelligent capacity planning and reduce the possibility of large-scale network outages. With the ability to detect anomalies, operators can discover underlying network failures that are not easily visible. This AI-driven operations solution (AIOps) using ML techniques plays a key role in reducing operating expenses and gives operators complete control over their networks.

3. 5G EdgeAI : Mavenir’s 5G EdgeAI solution includes Intelligent Video Analytics that can support a multitude of use cases, from facial recognition to anomaly detection for smart city and industry 4.0 use cases. The next generation of AR / VR applications is accelerated and enhanced by this cutting-edge platform. A large number of sensor data are analyzed and the actions are executed in a matter of milliseconds by the state-of-the-art industrial Internet of Things (IoT) analytical application.

“AI is the main driver for Industry 4.0, providing real-time insights and control of industrial processes. Low latency and high 5G density are also enablers, so in essence, the combination of 5G and IA = Industry 4.0, ”said Kuntal Chowdhury, senior vice president and general manager, Mavenir AI and Analytics Business Unit. “Although Mavenir’s AI and analytics solutions are now available as stand-alone solutions, for years we have been offering intelligent insights as integrated solutions for Tier 1 customers worldwide. Currently, more than 200 systems are deployed in more than 80 customer networks, and our solutions process and analyze billions of records per day, offering real-time / near real-time insights to optimize network performance with little or no human intervention. ”.


4. Network security: As new vulnerabilities arise, Mavenir’s fraud and security management suite protects the network in real time with predictive and ML analytics. Real-time fraud and security management analysis is leveraging unique ML algorithms and a framework designed specifically to manage the volume, speed and variety of structured and unstructured data on wireless networks.

“Mavenir’s AI / ML-based security and anti-fraud solutions are taking care of Telefónica Argentina’s continued revenue savings,” said Diego Quevedo, Telefónica Argentina’s leading network solution design leader. “We are in close cooperation with Mavenir to ensure the current protection of our network.”


Mavenir’s approach of applying machine learning technology in real time to protect key operator services and revenues has been highly valued by customers,” said Ilia Abramov, vice president and general manager, Mavenir Security Business Unit. “New threats raised in recent years and more and more attack vectors for mobile network services have been detected and successfully blocked in our installed base. The higher level of confidence in our AI / ML technology has been confirmed with substantial growth in additional network implementations over the past year. 

“Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of AI / ML and advanced features allows communications service providers to optimize, automate and advance their mobile networks for the future of 5G,” said BG Kumar, chairman of Mavenir’s communications services business group. . “Network automation and service protection driven by AI / ML are core features of Mavenir and one of our customers’ top priorities, and we are proud to provide this set of solutions to enable them to realize their vision.”

The solutions IA / ML and analysis of Mavenir and fraud solutions / security are deployed on multiple Tier 1 carrier networks in North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. In addition, Mavenir is dedicated to continuous innovation in AI / ML through the Center of Excellence in R&D in Brno, Czech Republic, and R&D in Richardson, Texas and Bangalore, India.


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