Mavenir 4G/5G Open vRAN is deployed in Deutsche Telekom O-RAN Town

Mavenir 4G5G Open vRAN is deployed in Deutsche Telekom O-RAN Town-01

Internet software provider Mavenir can execute and take advantage of the cloud to change the way the world’s native connection software to construct the future of the Internet on any cloud, The company today announced the deployment of Open vRAN integrated with Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (mMIMO) Active Antenna Unit (AAU) as part of Deutsche Telekom’s O-RAN Town project.

MAVair Open vRAN provides cloud-native and fully containerized 4G and 5G basebands for Open vRAN solutions that comply with O-RAN CAT B specifications and are based on the decomposition of distributed units (O-DU) and central units (O-CU). Provide O-RAN Town 5G Non-Independent Networking Architecture (NSA) service. The first batch of websites are now deployed and connected to Deutsche Telekom’s real-time network. This is the first multi-vendor mMIMO deployment in Europe that uses a fully standardized open fronthaul 7-2 CAT B split between the real-time network mMIMO radio unit (RU) and O-DU. This is a true multi-vendor Open vRAN system. In addition to mMIMO RU, it also includes LTE and 5G n78 radios, all of which have the O-RAN Alliance open fronthaul interface.

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The MAVair solution uses the latest Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Forward Error Correction (FEC) acceleration technology, and is currently deployed on the Common Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) platform. Mavenir’s Open vRAN solution provides an open management interface that can be integrated into Deutsche Telekom’s vendor-independent service management and coordination (SMO) platform.

Mavenir International Chief Technology Officer Ian Pattison said: “We are proud that our MAVair Open vRAN solution, including mMIMO, can be part of DTAG O-RAN Town. Mavenir once again demonstrated how Open vRAN can be flexibly adapted in a simple and easy way Different use case scenarios. In this project, the entire team demonstrated the advantages of decomposition and open RAN, including innovation and provision of new solutions for future automated networks.”

Abdurazak Mudesir, Senior Vice President of Deutsche Telekom Services and Platforms and Head of Deutsche Telekom’s Open RAN, said: “Open RAN aims to increase flexibility, provide more choices and strengthen innovation to ensure that future networks are more automated and more customer-oriented. Center. We are very happy to cooperate with Mavenir to achieve this milestone in Europe’s first real-time implementation of massive MIMO in O-RAN Town. Our first task is to develop a high-performance multi-vendor open RAN as a competitive A powerful large-scale overall deployment solution.”

In addition to providing Open vRAN software, Mavenir also integrates it into multi-vendor O-RAN RU, deploys RUs including mMIMO on mobile communication websites, and as part of multi-vendor O-Cloud, it also builds and uses MAVscale platform ( Mavenir Webscale Platform) Kubernetes cloud, which runs on the COTS server and loads O-DU and O-CU onto this cloud.

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