Mage, the Stripe for AI, Launches General Availability Shortly After Announcing Raise from Google’s Gradient Ventures

Mage_ the Stripe for AI_ Launches General Availability Shortly After Announcing Raise from Google's Gradient Ventures-01

Mage, a low-code tool for product developers to build AI ranking models, announces the general availability of its product. Founded in 2021, Mage has been in private beta working closely with early paying customers to make its tool user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to use.

After working with hundreds of product developers at Airbnb, Mage CEO and Co-founder Tommy Dang saw that product developers knew what AI could be used for and how it could improve their product, but had to rely on data science resources to help implement their ideas. Dang said “there are great AI tools built in-house or provided as off-the-shelf software, but many of these don’t satisfy the needs of product developers. Existing solutions aren’t designed and built for product developers.” Mage’s mission is to equip product developers with accessible AI technology so they can build magical products for their users.

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Mage is a cloud-based tool that specializes in helping product developers build ranking models that increase user engagement and retention.

Use cases include increasing user engagement by ranking articles, posts, comments, etc. on your user’s home feed or increasing conversion by showing the most relevant products for a user to buy.

Mage works by first connecting to existing data sources like Amplitude or Snowflake. Once a user adds their data, Mage will provide guided suggestions for cleaning and enhancing that data to maximize the model’s performance during training. Once the model is done training, product developers can use its predictions in real-time via API requests.

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