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Mach7 Technologies Announces Intent to Acquire Client Outlook, Inc.

By ET Bureau - June 12, 2020 2 Mins Read

Mach7 Technologies and Client Outlook Set to Establish New Enterprise Imaging Standards

Mach7 Technologies Inc., a leading provider of data management and enterprise imaging solutions for healthcare providers, announced today its intention to acquire Client Outlook Inc., an Ontario-based company focused on the development of eUnity, a unique zero-footprint viewing and integration platform distinguished as healthcare’s first Smartviewer. This acquisition is a powerful milestone that will take the industry in a new direction by offering a modular solution to fit the imaging needs of every healthcare organization.

Mach7 and Client Outlook have a long history of working together to solve complex imaging challenges with their tightly integrated platforms. By unifying into one organization, they can provide flexible, customized solutions by implementing their core products independently, in combination, or as a complete stack. This includes the eUnity enterprise and diagnostic viewer, and Mach7 universal worklist, workflow engine and clinical Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). With an approach that gives healthcare organizations unprecedented flexibility, Mach7 and Client Outlook will challenge the status quo of restrictive departmental PACS solutions that hinder enterprise growth.

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7, said, “The combination of our technologies will create the most advanced and modern enterprise platform in the industry. The ability to implement our components separately, or as a complete solution allows us to displace the outdated all-or-nothing approach of vendors who have a foothold in the market due to a lack of options.” Lampron added, “In addition to the technology, our flexible business model provides options that adapt to the needs of any organization.”

“This deal puts us in a defining role to take healthcare organizations on a journey from legacy departmental PACS to a modern PACS solution. Our enterprise-first philosophy and novel approach will truly separate us from anything or anyone in the industry,” said Steve Rankin, CEO of Client Outlook. “We look forward to continuing to build ground-breaking technology and solutions that will impact healthcare in an extraordinary way.”



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