Lucid Announces New Lucidspark App for Zoom

Lucid Announces New Lucidspark App for Zoom-01

Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, announced today a new app for Zoom for its virtual whiteboard, Lucidspark, to deliver a seamless experience accessible within Zoom Meetings.

The Lucidspark in-meeting app allows teams to leverage visuals to collaborate and align in real time by simultaneously engaging in Zoom Meetings and working in Lucidspark without the need to toggle between applications or shared screens. Together, Zoom empowers teams to accomplish more with video communications, while Lucidspark helps replicate the essential in-person elements of collaboration.

“In today’s hybrid work environment, distributed teams need solutions to better innovate and collaborate within their existing workflows,” said Dan Lawyer, senior vice president of product management for Lucid. “The new Lucidspark app for Zoom will empower teams with the ability to use visuals to more effectively brainstorm, strategize and align in real time without ever leaving the Zoom meeting.”

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“We are pleased to continue to offer innovative solutions alongside our video technology to help people stay connected in a virtual environment,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead for Zoom Apps & Integrations. “By using Lucidspark within the Zoom platform, our mutual users will be able to take collaborative virtual meetings to the next level.”

With Lucidspark, meetings become more engaging and efficient. Teams can collaborate on a shared document while simultaneously discussing strategy, brainstorming ideas, or identifying next steps. The Lucidspark app for Zoom gives every team member an equal opportunity to participate and contribute, while enhanced facilitation features help leaders keep meetings on track. The visual record that’s produced helps stakeholders more quickly achieve a shared understanding and stay aligned both during and after a meeting.

The Lucidspark app allows users to:

  • Easily involve attendees: Teams can easily and quickly create and share Lucidspark boards with attendees—all without ever leaving the Zoom interface.
  • Foster engagement and creativity: Bring new creative energy to your meetings with an infinite canvas, sticky notes, freehand drawing and more to capture everyone’s ideas in one spot in real time.
  • Facilitate small group work: Create Breakout Boards in Lucidspark to enable collaborators to work in smaller groups on their own boards, while also easily navigating back to the main group board at any time.
  • Keep meetings on track: Add your meeting agenda to the Notes Panel in Lucidspark, checking off items as you go. Set a timer for activities to keep everyone engaged and on schedule. Better understand team contributions by assigning every collaborator a specific color for their sticky notes, freehand drawing, and cursor.
  • Align around the best ideas: Start a voting session to reach consensus on high priority ideas and ensure every voice is heard. Automated synthesis with tagging, gather and sort functionalities can then quickly move your team into action.

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