Liquidware ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.8.4 Now Generally Available

Liquidware ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.8.4 Now Generally Available

Latest version extends support for multi-sessions and auto-recovery of users’ profiles

Liquidware, the leader in adaptive workspace management, today announced the latest version of ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.8.4 is now generally available. This latest version provides enhanced support for simultaneous multi-session logins, auto recovery of profile disks and FSLogix profiles, as well as management console ease of use features.

Virtual and cloud-based Windows desktops frequently see users login to more than one location, such as a physical PC, a virtual desktop session, and a multi-user environment, such as Citrix Virtual Apps or Windows 10 multi-session on Microsoft Azure. ProfileUnity has long supported multi-session logins with its Portable Profile approach, which is a highly adaptable smart profile that is cross compatible with any modern Windows OS version. The new release expands support for multi-user logins to ProfileUnity’s Profile Disk based profiles, which deliver an extremely fast login from virtual disk.

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Multi-session support via ProfileUnity’s Portable Profile and Profile Disk is an industry exclusive. The combination of the two profile technologies enables automatic recovery of Profile Disk based profiles in multi-login environments. ProfileUnity’s portability also supports auto recovery of Microsoft FSLogix profiles in the event of profile corruption.

“With ever increasing work from home and remote working scenarios, ProfileUnity’s new features enable organizations to smoothly transition to a new environment,” stated Jason E. Smith, VP Products and Solutions at Liquidware. “We’ve had many customers during the pandemic utilize ProfileUnity to migrate their users to a personal device at home. These new features add to the flexibility and agility of managing users remotely.”

The new features provide the following benefits:

  • Multi-session VHD – Supporting simultaneous multi-logins and auto recovery of profiles
  • Portability and multi-session ProfileDisk templates – Automating the configuration of highly available profiles
  • Enhanced Portability Rule and Context Filter Management- enhancing ease of admin use with ProfileUnity with FlexApp
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