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LinearB and Clubhouse Partner to Help Dev Teams Continuously Improve Software Project Delivery

By ET Bureau - February 17, 2021 3 Mins Read

LinearB and Clubhouse Partner to Help Dev Teams Continuously Improve Software Project Delivery

 LinearB, the team behind Software Delivery Intelligence, and Clubhouse, the collaborative home for modern software teams, today announced a partnership to help software development teams continuously improve project delivery by providing a complete picture of product and engineering lifecycles.

Technical integration between the products will offer dev teams detailed project visibility and team-based metrics by correlating data across projects, code, Git activity and releases.

“Unfortunately, most project management and metrics tools today were designed with a top-down mindset and create more work for developers. Dev teams need tools that reduce friction and interruptions,” said Ori Keren, co-founder and CEO of LinearB.

“Coupling LinearB Software Delivery Intelligence with Clubhouse team-focused project management provides data-driven insights to gauge project progress in real-time and better focus team resources on the work that matters most.”

“We’re partnering with LinearB to help make work more enjoyable and efficient for each and every software team, regardless of their size,” said Zach Ozer, VP of Engineering at Clubhouse. “Task management shouldn’t be a task in and of itself. A more collaborative project management approach paired with visibility into the right dev team metrics helps streamline and refine existing team workflows.”

LinearB uses code, Git logs and releases to automatically construct and visualize detailed progress timelines for open project issues with zero manual inputs and synchronizes updates to project systems eliminating costly developer interruptions. The platform automates the collection and display of team and project performance metrics that typically takes data engineers hours to compile manually.

Clubhouse provides modern software teams with project management that enhances and complements their existing workflows. Managing a team’s tasks shouldn’t itself be a task, which is why Clubhouse avoids overwhelming their users with feature bloat, instead providing an intuitive and enjoyable project management experience that software teams genuinely enjoy using. That’s why thousands of software teams use Clubhouse to plan, manage, and collaborate on their software development work — from planning software to shipping software.

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Using LinearB and Clubhouse, members of product and engineering teams are empowered to make better decisions by getting insights delivered to them proactively. Features from the integration include:

  • Pulse timeline view provides detailed visibility of every feature, bug and chore by showing a live feed of activity from branches, PRs and releases for Clubhouse stories.
  • Workflow definition + alerts enable real-time improvement of active projects by highlighting blockers, delays, high-risk code, and branches merged without review for Clubhouse stories.
  • Shadow work detector empowers more accurate team planning and time allocation by finding developer work in Git that is not attached to a Clubhouse story.
  • Advanced cycle time dashboard enhances the native Clubhouse cycle time view to add bottleneck detection by visualizing the time across individual development phases – coding time, PR pick-up time, PR review time and release time.
  • Advanced team-based metrics help leaders measure performance and drive improvement of team and project quality, efficiency, focus and health in the context of their Clubhouse iterations.

“Pulse gives us a unified view across the state of our codebase and the state of our projects in Clubhouse. It’s a key source of ground truth,” said Chris Brookins, VP of Engineering at Appcues “It’s easy to see project updates and key metrics that were difficult or impossible to get before.”


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