Lexsoft Announces New Legal ‘Bound Volume’ Search Functionality in T3 Knowledge Management Solution

Lexsoft Announces New Legal ‘Bound Volume’ Search Functionality in T3 Knowledge Management Solution

Lexsoft Systems, a provider of IT and business process solutions, today announced that the company is introducing new functionality in its T3 knowledge management (KM) solution for law firms. The enhanced T3 solution will enable lawyers to search for and surface, not just specific documents, but also the Bound Volumes within which those records reside. This will facilitate a 360-degrees view of activities pertaining to closed matters and projects, thereby supporting a more thorough and holistic approach to knowledge management, time and cost-effectively.

The Bound Volume functionality is being offered free of charge, as part of customers’ existing T3 subscription, including for on-premises and cloud installations of the solution. General availability is scheduled as of 31 March 2021.

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“Typically, KM efforts in law firms tend to be focussed on the ability to search for individual types of documents – i.e., models, precedents, technical notes, etc. While useful, such documents individually don’t provide a complete view of all the tasks undertaken for legal cases, from start to close,” Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO of Lexsoft Systems, explained. “This potentially hampers a rounded view on the wider ‘knowledge’ that exists around matters.”

With this new functionality, T3 classifies and applies metadata and taxonomies to both the individual documents as well as the Bound Volume that contain them. So, lawyers looking for knowledge will find that their search is more meaningful as they will also have visibility of the ‘context’ surrounding the information or records that are surfaced. Crucially, the knowledge will be delivered to them in the shortest time. This functionality is a significant step forward in supporting knowledge search and management in law firms.

Product development is also underway to introduce KM reporting and analytics functionality in T3, later this year.

Today, three of the top 10 global law firms (among others) are already using T3 for KM programmes. The solution can be implemented within days and there are no hidden IT costs. Additionally, the solution is part of an extensive ecosystem and integrates with a wide variety of third-party solutions and technologies. T3 is implemented over pre-existing iManage infrastructure, the leading Work Productivity Platform in the legal sector globally.

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