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Levitate Partners with HawkSoft Agency Management System to Offer Complete Contact Management and Communication Solution

By ET Bureau - April 02, 2020 2 Mins Read

Levitate and HawkSoft have partnered to help independent insurance agents focus on what they do best: building relationships.

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With the launch of API integration, HawkSoft’s customers gain the ability to create intelligent, “keep-in-touch” reminders for each of their policyholders and prospects, then send personalized emails at scale.

“I’m a big believer in the idea that technology should be used to help build more personal and authentic relationships,” says Jesse Lipson, CEO of Levitate. “This partnership between HawkSoft and Levitate will help amplify what makes independent insurance agencies so great, to begin with: their personal approach. We’re proud to collaborate with HawkSoft to help independent insurance agencies succeed.”

With the integration, Levitate will automatically sync and augment HawkSoft contact profiles with publicly-available Facebook and LinkedIn information, then tag them by lines of business or relationship category.  Agents can set up unique reminders to reach out, such as on birthdays or renewal dates, and be notified to email contacts they haven’t engaged in a while.  Unlike emails sent through mass-blast providers, Levitate emails appear in recipient inboxes as a personal email—creating an authentic, 1:1 approach to client communication.

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“Most people can tell when they are a recipient of a mass email because the content is not really personalized,” says Rushang Shah, VP of Marketing for HawkSoft. “Levitate solves this problem in a unique way by leveraging your existing email service provider to send a personal email to the recipient. They use one-to-one interactions over mass email campaigns. HawkSoft is excited to have Levitate as a partner to help our agencies upgrade their keep-in-touch marketing strategies.”


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