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LENS Immersive, Stealth Australian Company Debuts New Encoder to Reduce Data Crunch for Online Video Streaming Sites

By ET Bureau - April 08, 2020 2 Mins Read

LENS Immersive, Stealth Australian Company, Encoder, Data Crunch, Online Video Streaming

LENS Immersive launched access to its proprietary encoding tool TORII. The incredible amount of new network traffic, due to work-from-home and entertain-at home, has put major new strains on national and international internet infrastructure. Citing this incredible global demand, Australian based company LENS Immersive has pushed forward the release of this new video compression tool.

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We’ve built TORII to solve this exact problem – reducing bandwidth consumption while increasing picture quality,” said Travis Rice, CCO LENS Immersive. “After we saw what was happening with Netflix, Stan, and YouTube getting requests to throttle their performance, we decided it was time to push this technology out and make it available to major streaming companies. The powerful TORII technology is now compatible with all existing H264* workflows and chipsets, across the globe.

The benefits of TORII affect three main parts of internet video distribution:

  • Consumers will see faster streaming, less buffering and better picture quality without having to change anything. Viewers will also use less bandwidth, saving money each month on internet data usage.
  • Online Streaming companies such as Stan, Netflix, and YouTube can use TORII with no changes to workflow or existing applications. TORII can reduce their file sizes by 20-70%, saving on storage and distribution costs while speeding up delivery to viewers.
  • Networks and Telecom providers – with video streaming consuming more than 60% of global internet traffic in 2019 (REF) – and continuing to grow year over year, network providers have the most to gain from TORII. The ability to reduce the network load will translate into a massive speed increase globally.

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TORII lands in the midst of highly competitive video compression landscape, allowing for a higher rate of throughput of all types of video content including 4k and the relatively new 6k and 8k televisions. A significantly faster H265 compatible version of TORII is due for release in the middle of this year, benefitting other industries such as surveillance and data centers around the world.


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