Lazer Spot and PINC partner to provide enhanced yard management services and solutions to enterprise customers

Lazer Spot and PINC partner

Leaders in yard management services and technology to collaborate to bring transparency and efficiency to hundreds of facilities in North America.

Lazer Spot, the largest provider of critical outsourced yard management services, and PINC, the number one digital yard™ management solution provider, today announced a partnership to bring enterprise visibility and operational excellence to facilities across North America.

Given the uncertainties with customer expectations and demands, unstable freight capacity, and ever-changing guidance from governments and public health authorities, trailer yards are playing a vital role as extensions of warehouses at distribution centers and manufacturing plants and as a mechanism to expedite shipments, support corporate sustainability goals, and reduce transportation costs.

Founded in 1996, Lazer Spot provides yard spotting, shuttling, trailer rentals and specialized yard services in 400+ locations in North America. PINC digital yard management solutions will empower Lazer Spot’s teams to improve operational efficiency while providing a unique level of safety, visibility, and services to its enterprise customers. Additionally, supply chain and transportation executives will have access to enterprise analytics and performance reports across their distribution yards through the PINC application.

“We are truly excited about this partnership,” said Eric Breen, Vice President of Business Development at PINC. “Combining Lazer Spot’s network of reliable yard management services with PINC’s yard automated orchestration engine and enterprise visibility capabilities will enable Lazer Spot to continue delivering on outstanding customer service and shippers to safely improve operational efficiency, reduce accessorial charges, and manage carrier contracts and transportation budgets from an enterprise perspective more effectively.”

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“One of our top priorities is to continue our investment in innovation to support our customer’s operations and to create a safer environment for our team members,” said Adam Newsome, CEO of Lazer Spot. “Part of that effort is to enhance our partner relationships with tech companies that can help us add more value and grow our services offering to our enterprise level customers.  When we combine our spotting services with PINC digital yard management solutions, we can give our customers a package that truly makes their yard and transportation operations as efficient and productive as possible.”

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