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Kryon and Software AG Roll Out Joint Offering for Enterprise Automation at Scale With Process Mining, Process Discovery and RPA

By ET Bureau - May 07, 2020 3 Mins Read

Kryon, Software AG, Hyper Intelligent Automation, Process Mining, Process Discovery, RPA

Kryon®, the leading full-cycle automation solution provider known for its customer-centric approach to robotic process automation (RPA) and process discovery, and Software AG announces new capabilities in their integrated process-driven RPA solution within Software AG’s ARIS platform. Together, Software AG’s Process Mining and Process Management capabilities, and Kryon Process Discovery™ real-time user behavior insights and Full Cycle Automation Suite, create the only offering on the market which provides all building blocks for successful RPA. Enterprises striving for operational excellence can effectively optimize and manage processes and significantly scale automation taking RPA to the next level of maturity.

AIoT – Convergence of Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things

In Zinnov’s latest Zinnov Zones for Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA) – 2020 rating, both Kryon and Software AG were rated in the Leadership Zone for the segment, “Use Case Discovery.” The Zinnov Zones rating is the industry’s first comprehensive assessment of over 35 Global RPA/HIA Vendors and Specialist players, which evaluated the companies on overall prowess and scalability across the HIA lifecycle.

“The coming together of Kryon’s process discovery and RPA capabilities with Software AG’s process mining prowess has given rise to a fully integrated and seamless solution, aligned with Zinnov’s Hyper Intelligent Automation philosophy. The two players’ complementary products, as well as their mutual synergies, have resulted in powerful Use Case Discovery capabilities, which will enable all types of enterprises to effectively unlock automation at scale,” said Nischay Mittal, Principal & Global Head – RPA, Zinnov.

Already used by many companies, for example, GOL Airlines, the deep integration, and collaboration between Kryon and Software AG make it easy for enterprises to create a sustainable automation pipeline with Process Mining, analyze the process details with Kryon’s Process Discovery and import them into Software AG’s ARIS platform. From there, processes can be automated to improve operational efficiency, eliminating human error, and sustaining business growth. The joint solution provides all required building blocks for seamless and efficient process orchestration along every step of the RPA lifecycle – beginning with discovery, analysis, design, and development all the way through deployment and operation, and capturing benefits.

Artificial Intelligence Trends for the Modern Enterprise

“The strategic partnership between Software AG and Kryon began back in 2017. It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come and what a profound impact we’ve had on the future of work,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon. “Our combined solutions offer what no other RPA vendor in the market can – the ability to scale up to enterprise automation. Especially in these times where employees are working remotely, discovery bots work behind the scenes to find the processes without the need for human intervention.”


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