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KPMG named a global leader in Enterprise AI services in new HFS Research report

By ET Bureau - December 17, 2019 3 Mins Read

KPMG International has been ranked #3 overall among the world’s leading providers of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) services – and #1 for its technology innovation capabilities – in a new HFS Research report.

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The HFS Enterprise AI Services Top 10 Report examines the impact that leading global services providers are having in today’s complex and rapidly expanding AI landscape. Noting AI’s growing significance as “a key change agent” in how enterprises operate – and calling AI’s potential to drive revenue growth “immense” – HFS Research assessed and ranked 21 firms based on Innovation CapabilityAbility to Execute and Voice of the Customer criteria.

The report praises KPMG’s “industry-leading approach to consolidating IA assets and creating an ecosystem for AI talent.” The report also calls out KPMG for demonstrating both an “integrated view of intelligent automation technologies” and “a globally consistent approach” under KPMG’s Lighthouse Centre of Excellence and the KPMG Ignite AI platform.

Co-author Reetika Fleming, HFS Research Vice President, suggests in the report that businesses are now “on the cusp of emerging from the piloting dead-zone” and that “the age of pure experimentation is nearly at an end” following several years of “rampant” piloting and prototyping of AI technologies and use cases.

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“Our new data suggests that as an industry, we are starting to see more engagements make it to production builds in 2019 on the back of several years of learning on where and how to best apply AI,” the report states, adding that enterprises will continue to require the guidance of advisory partners as they pursue complex and challenging transformation initiatives. “As the market continues to mature, AI, data and automation technologies are constantly evolving, necessitating enterprises to seek out advisory partners to guide them through a changing market.”

“AI is poised to pervade every aspect of the enterprise in the 21st century and organizations must rise to this challenge by viewing AI as a strategic imperative in order to remain competitive and relevant,” said Brad Fisher, Global Head of KPMG Lighthouse Data-Driven Technologies, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the US.

“AI, automation, and analytics are central to the success of the enterprise and will redefine critical business areas such as business processes, data use, the workforce, and risk and reputation,” he added. “The vision for AI should be guided by innovative thinking – with the long-term objective of transformed business strategies and models. We are proud of what KPMG is achieving to drive business transformation and grateful to be recognized as a global leader by HFS Research.”

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The HFS report highlights as one of KPMG’s “unique strengths” its success in leveraging “decades of learning and domain expertise in risk, in extending and embedding them into the core of AI services.” The report also cites KPMG’s AI services alliances with Google, Microsoft and IBM, and “strong” consulting and development services that include AI solution prototypes featuring speech recognition and AI-driven natural-language processing.


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