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KPMG LLP and Appian Launch Workplace Reentry Digital Toolkit

By ET Bureau - August 25, 2020 4 Mins Read

KPMG LLP and Appian Launch Workplace Reentry Digital Toolkit

Leveraging Appian’s low-code Workforce Safety solution, KPMG offers dynamic Restarting America framework for a phased approach to returning to the workplace

Through a strategic alliance, KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Appian today announced the launch of the Workplace Reentry Digital Toolkit, to assist companies in getting their employees back to their work locations in a measured way, while following the phases and guidelines outlined by federal, state and local governments. This digital toolkit is an important enabling technology underlying KPMG’s Restarting America framework, which provides organizations with tools to help evaluate challenges that individuals and employers may have to navigate as they re-enter the workplace. KPMG’s risk-based approach is supported by a number of technologies including the Appian Low-code Automation Platform, and is one way to help iteratively and more effectively reopen workplaces while continuing to manage the threat posed by COVID-19.

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Organizations must manage the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace until and perhaps even after widespread testing is available and viable treatments and/or vaccines are created. KPMG’s Restarting America framework is supported by customizable technology options that, along with an organization’s medical and other advisors, can help leaders determine which team members can return, and help maintain a safer workplace as the environment continuously changes.

The new Workplace Reentry Digital Toolkit uses Appian’s secure HIPAA-compliant and HiTRUST-certified cloud, with privacy- and security-first principles to help protect data and preserve your team members’ privacy. It comes with an initial set of features that can be configured to companies’ unique requirements. The main components of the Workplace Reentry Digital Toolkit include:

  • An employee-facing application template
  • Decision-support dashboard for HR and facilities management
  • Workflow for management of contact tracing of COVID-19 cases reported by team members
  • Team members can enter and receive information via a mobile app
  • HR can communicate with team members and access individual or aggregate data via command-center dashboards
  • Case investigators can run contact tracing on impacted team members
  • The risk-scoring engine that is reviewed, supplemented and approved by management in consultation with its health care advisors, and which provides quantified scores for community threat levels and individual risks for contracting as well as risk to transmit
  • Data and app integration with various back-end systems, including but not limited to HR systems, badge readers, Wi-Fi-gateways, and more

All aspects of the Workplace Reentry toolkit are configurable so managers can make changes, such as adding an office location, customizing the health questionnaire, creating multiple questionnaires, and sending information to employees and team members, without any code changes.

The toolkit’s user access management provides facilities managers centralized dashboards to view workplace location information, while restricting access to private health information. Facilities-based capabilities include entrance screening, checking sanitation status, managing supplies of personal protective equipment, and collaborating with other locations. Contact tracing investigators can use Appian’s industry leading case management functionality to confirm positive COVID-19 cases and initiate contact tracing on other team members.

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“Workplace reentry requires a software solution,” said Marc Wilson, Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships and Industries at Appian. “Our alliance with KPMG allows us to work together to deliver KPMG’s Restarting America framework combined with the low-code automation software needed to rapidly collect extensive health and contact-tracing data. Together, we can bring all that data and analysis to bear rapidly in the case of possible outbreaks, so organizations can quickly coordinate responsive action.”

“It’s important to do what we can to provide data and tools that can help guide businesses through the current challenging and rapidly changing environment to help them develop a plan to bring and help keep employees back to a workplace,” said Marcus Murph, Principal, Intelligent Automation at KPMG. “By applying data, knowledge, computing power, and insights to innovate and solve difficult problems, Appian and KPMG can help our clients visualize and plan for their new reality.”


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