KOVA Corp. Announces Strategic Integration of KEANS Technology with Everbridge Mass Notification Systems


KOVA Corp. announced that its proprietary Emergency Alert Notification System (KEANS) will now be partnering and integrating with the groundbreaking mass notification system pioneered by Everbridge. KEANS is a VoIP-based crash phone system that, coupled with Everbridge tech, will allow emergency management agencies and other organizations the ability to send out notifications at an unprecedented efficiency, using a wide variety of communications channels. This integration will be available with Everbridge version 9.2, slated for release in July 2019.

“At the core, this partnership is about rapid communication and risk mitigation that will save lives,” said Chris Silva, CEO. “In a world of ever-evolving threats, first-responders and other key personnel cannot afford to waste time searching shift rosters and contact lists to manually notify employees and other on-call staff whenever an emergency happens. Potential mass-casualty events and disasters wait for no one. We recognized that a true ‘bridge’ between two previously unlinked emergency communications platforms can make the difference between life and death. And this is exactly why KOVA is proud to partner with Everbridge to merge already proven solutions into a true powerhouse of industry-leading technology.”

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KEANS Services and Everbridge’s Platform

KEANS provides resilient and secure communications to multiple locations, agencies, business partners as well as diverse public address systems simultaneously (utilizing loudspeakers, bull horns, audio distribution repeaters, etc.) to save both time and resources. Dedicated circuits, fixed endpoints and public address systems are constantly and proactively monitored, and an easy-to-read dashboard displays all of the available endpoints with green indicators, allowing operators to see at-a-glance the condition of various fixed components.

Everbridge’s Critical Event Management solutions are already in place and used by 4,500 organizations to keep over 500 million people safe worldwide. The Everbridge platform facilitates first-responders and disaster relief services during severe weather, workplace violence, active shooters, terrorism, IT and power issues, environmental spills, social media attacks, product recalls and medical emergencies.

KEANS is currently installed in several of the nation’s largest airports, alerting police, fire, Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, maintenance and other on and offsite professionals of developing conditions in real time. And though all KEANS set-ups are unique, that same system can now work on the multi-modal Everbridge platform to utilize a variety of different transport mechanisms — including Wi-Fi, fiber, Ethernet and a dedicated cellular based backbone like FirstNet — to convey important alert messages. Onsite and offsite employees will receive instant messages in real-time via SMS, email, VoIP calls, social media alerts and app notifications. This will ultimately reduce downtime and ensure efficient and accurate communication when it is needed the most.

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