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KoreConX Launches the Infrastructure of TRUST

By ET Bureau - October 14, 2019 2 Mins Read

KoreConX, global private capital markets,

KoreConX is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Infrastructure of TRUST for the global private capital markets.

The private capital markets serve over 450 million private companies worldwide today. The service providers supporting these private companies are using ad hoc and internal systems. Private markets are opaque, making it difficult to validate information or find service providers. These issues make it inefficient and costly for companies to raise capital and for investors to find good investment opportunities. The underlying cause is simple: millions of independent and fragmented providers have no connected infrastructure and, more importantly, no trust in the integrity of the information they come across.

The public capital markets have an infrastructure that provides standards and efficiencies with which all participants in the public markets can integrate. Now, the Infrastructure of Trust allows participants of the private capital markets to enjoy the same benefits without excluding anyone.

“My personal journey in the democratization of capital is going 10+ years strong. The major realization I’ve had three years go was that to really make a lasting change in the private capital markets, you don’t disrupt, you empower. Once you empower the ecosystem, you can finally say we are now in an age of transformation,” said Oscar Jofre, co-founder and CEO at KoreConX.

KoreConX provides this transforming Infrastructure of Trust for the global private capital markets. This is a complete and connected ecosystem of regulated entities on the KoreChain, Permissioned blockchains built on Hyperledger Fabric. Participants on the KoreChain are required to be regulated entities and authorized to validate securities transactions.


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