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KLoBot – An Enterprise Chatbot Builder Platform launches Twilio Integration to Enhance Customer Experience

By ET Bureau - June 27, 2019 2 mins read

After a successful deployment of AI-Powered Chatbots to several popular platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Slack and Facebook, KLoBot is now available for deployment to Twilio.

KLoBot – a DIY Chatbot platform is pleased to set in motion the much-awaited integration to Twilio. With technology and social media enabling an always-on approach to business, customer expectations have been higher. Voice and Text enabled chatbots to empower customer-facing organizations across numerous industries to communicate and engage with every end user seamlessly.

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“Businesses must support ease of chatbot interactions for their customers using traditional communication such as a simple phone call or text messaging,” said Ragav Jagannathan, Founder of KLoBot, Inc. “With KLoBot based chatbots readily available on Twilio platform, businesses can offer their customers 24/7 first line of support using a simple voice call or SMS to a phone number and automatically have chatbot respond to their query.”

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Customers can get access to information ‘on-demand’ via a simple text message or voice call in real time. These cutting edge, no-code chatbots streamline communication and enhance customer engagement. If the requests get complicated, they are smoothly transitioned from bots to human via KLoBot’s ‘Live Agent Handoff’ skill.

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KLoBot and Twilio, together, will allow companies to manage customer relationship via automating routine tasks and processes. Early adopters of KLoBot can drastically save operation costs, improve sales, offer personalized customer service and in turn, gain a sustainable competitive advantage by discovering the benefits of this KLoBot and Twilio compelling integration.

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