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Kinemagic, the Software Company Creating Digital Twins, is Now Providing Free Access to Virtual Meeting Technology in Response to Coronavirus Crisis

By ET Bureau - March 17, 2020 2 Mins Read

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Kinemagic, makers of Stratus, the software that provides AR and VR experiences for heavy industrial companies, has a solution for people working remotely due to coronavirus disruptions. Kinemagic is opening its proprietary software, Stratus, as a collaborative, multi-user tool that allows colleagues to meet virtually inside their own digital twins.

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With companies in the United States and around the world asking employees to work from home, in-person teamwork is no longer possible. Enter Stratus. Originally designed to create digital twins for heavy industrial facilities, Stratus is being repurposed during this period of social distancing and quarantines as a virtual meeting tool for collaboration inside a digital twin—and Kinemagic is making it free for any company.

“At Kinemagic, all of our team members are currently working from home,” said Brian Lozes, Kinemagic CEO and founder. “We have the advantage of utilizing our own tools to continue working in our digital twins without interruption. With coronavirus disruptions increasing daily, we want to make Stratus widely available to help other companies continue forward as easily as we have.”

The Stratus multi-user feature lets multiple groups of two to 50 users meet simultaneously. Whether the company is a small business or a massive corporation, the value is the same and the cost is identical—zero dollars.

For companies using Navisworks files, such as Oil and Gas; Petrochemical; Chemical Manufacturing; Water, Drainage and Sewerage Facilities; or Manufacturing, teams can virtually meet inside a digital twin of their facility.

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During this special Stratus free-trial period, Kinemagic is also making it possible for companies that don’t currently use Navisworks to experience the same virtual meeting advantages.  Any industry, whether Medical, Aviation, Technology, Transportation or others, can use Kinemagic’s basic environment, which makes it easy for colleagues to meet and conduct business virtually.


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