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Kentik Solves Hybrid Networking Visibility Challenge with Launch of Hybrid Map

By ET Bureau - August 21, 2020 2 Mins Read

Kentik Solves Hybrid Networking Visibility Challenge with Launch of Hybrid Map

Expands Platform with Industry’s First Solution to Visualize Network Infrastructure from Container to Cloud

Kentik®, provider of the leading network intelligence platform trusted by digital enterprises and service providers, today announced Hybrid Map. With Hybrid Map from Kentik, NetOps teams gain an immediate and single, unified view to understanding topology state, traffic flows, network performance and device health status within and between multi-cloud, on-prem and internet infrastructures. This new level of interactivity within the Kentik Network Intelligence Platform enables NetOps teams to get immediate insights into hybrid networks, dive deep and quickly resolve problems.

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“Breaking the boundaries of the traditional data center often means broken network monitoring. For network professionals running hybrid infrastructures, Kentik offers the only solution that paints a complete picture of this new reality from container to cloud,” said Christoph Pfister, chief product officer of Kentik. “Organizations struggle to visualize their hybrid environments, especially when they incorporate container networking overlays. With the new Hybrid Map from Kentik, network teams can finally have that picture on their screen, with complete visibility into real-time and historical health, performance, and traffic data ― and instantly.”

The Kentik Network Intelligence Platform provides integration with flow data from public clouds, host-level instrumentation, virtual network appliances, and incorporates container orchestration metadata. With the addition of Hybrid Map, Kentik now ties together these infrastructure views to provide a more holistic level of understanding about networks. Hybrid Map increases the ability to visually interact with the network while still preserving the power of the underlying query, analytics and anomaly detection capabilities of Kentik. With Hybrid Map, NetOps can:

  • See everything in one place – see all networks, owned or not (data center, cloud flow logs, hosts, WAN, SD-WAN, and the internet), all in one place
  • Understand network architecture – learn how devices interconnect and see bandwidth and link utilization
  • React quickly to network conditions – discover which devices are experiencing CPU, memory, interface or traffic anomalies
  • Easily plan and troubleshoot – surface any traffic pattern in data center traffic
  • Quickly find and resolve problems – view network performance and utilization data from the data center to clouds, other sites/data centers and internet sites


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