Kaufman Hall and Hagerty Consulting Establish a Partnership to Help Healthcare Organizations Navigate and Implement COVID-19 Recovery Strategies

Kaufman Hall, Hagerty Consulting, Healthcare Organization, COVID-19 Recovery Strategies
Kaufman Hall and Hagerty Consulting Establish a Partnership to Help Healthcare Organizations Navigate and Implement COVID-19 Recovery Strategies

Kaufman Hall, a leading provider of healthcare strategic financial planning and other consulting solutions, and Hagerty Consulting, emergency management, and homeland security consulting firm announced a partnership to help healthcare organizations understand the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and implement disaster cost recovery strategies. This new partnership brings together Kaufman Hall’s expertise in healthcare strategic financial planning with Hagerty’s leading long-term disaster cost recovery consulting capabilities into a single, comprehensive solution for US healthcare providers.

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“Never have hospitals had to manage through the level of financial disruption we are experiencing from the COVID-19 virus. Hospitals are spending huge amounts of unbudgeted dollars on crisis care while, at the same time, experiencing unprecedented reductions in revenue from canceled procedures,” said Ken Kaufman, co-founder, and chair of Kaufman Hall. “To recover from this destabilization, healthcare leaders need to determine the extent of the financial damage done to their healthcare organization, establish a long-term financial recovery plan, and begin the complex process of securing funding from government agencies and other sources as they develop. Kaufman Hall is privileged to be collaborating with Hagerty, a firm with an excellent reputation and remarkable experience in emergency management consulting.”

The strategic partnership between Kaufman Hall and Hagerty will bring to bear the expertise of two of the industry’s leading consulting firms with a specialized approach to each hospital’s individual financial planning and recovery needs.

Kaufman Hall’s integrated strategic financial planning capabilities have been used for more than 30 years by leading healthcare providers across the country. The firm will apply its deep financial expertise with its comprehensive, real-time, financial and operational data to help healthcare providers model financial and strategic scenarios and assist in the development of a strategic financial recovery plan.

Hagerty, through its 20 years of expertise in disaster preparedness and recovery services, will help healthcare providers understand, identify, strategically apply, and manage disaster recovery funding from multiple sources.

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“Not since 9/11 has this country faced as great a national emergency,” said Steve Hagerty, President and Founder of Hagerty Consulting, and the primary financial consultant to the Federal Recovery Officer after 9/11. “This time it’s our hospital and healthcare workers who are on the front lines trying to save lives at any expense. Together with Kaufman Hall, we offer a distinct solution to hospitals around the country – a team that can assess the profound financial impacts COVID-19 will have on health care systems, identify short and long-term funding solutions, and help health systems advocate, obtain, apply, and strategically manage billions in federal funds under the CARES Act.”

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